Your Pay in 2007? Check Out the Pay Calculator and See for Yourself

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A few days ago, we ran an article on the current status of the 2007 pay raise for federal employees.

Not much has changed since then but FedSmith did receive a number of queries from readers. The most common question was along these lines: "Your article did not tell me how much I will be making next year? I live in (fill in your city, grade and step). Can you tell me what my salary will be next year?"

The reality is that we operate with a very small staff and taking the time to calculate a few hundred pay rates for individuals isn’t a good way to spend the time we do have to provide a daily newsletter for readers.

But, thanks to our innovative webmaster who has put in extra hours over the past few days on this project, we have come up with a way for readers who get paid under the federal GS pay system to calculate their pay rate for next year. We now have a 2007 pay calculator for readers to use to select their grade, step and geographic location to see what they might be making in 2007 as a federal employee.

Here are a couple of caveats. We normally wait until the official pay figures have been released by OPM to update our pay tables. We have constructed a separate pay calculator for this purpose. Keep in mind that the final decisions on the 2007 pay raise have not been made by Congress and President Bush has not issued an executive order on the 2007 raise for federal employees.

In other words, our pay calculator will show you how much you are likely to make if the current 2.2% average pay raise proposed by President Bush is finalized. The actual pay raise may be something different. Also, when OPM calculates the final pay rate figures, probably sometime in early 2007, the actual figures may be different.

But, for now and with these caveats, you can check out our pay calculator that reflects the figures for the 2007 pay rates for the federal workforce.

And, for the sake of comparison to your current salary, check out the pay calculator for 2006 (and earlier dates) as well. As noted above, we have not included the proposed 2007 pay raise in the current calculator as the final figures may change when Congress, the President and OPM finalize the figures for 2007.

For now, the average proposed pay raise for federal employees in 2007 is 2.2%. That will vary widely because of changes to the locality pay formula. Many employees will get a raise that is closer to 1.8%. The new pay formula was adopted because of the increasing pay gap between the private and public sectors in some cities, such as New York and San Francisco. And, while switching formulas is good news for some federal employees, those in other cities and the "Rest of U.S." category will get a smaller locality boost.

Regardless of where you may be sitting or how much your pay increase will be next year, we hope you find this new calculator to be useful.

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