How Much Will You Make in 2011?

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As we noted in an article a few days ago, you will most likely see a 1.4% average pay increase in 2011 based on the latest available information. But, this could change between now and next year depending on the actions of Congress and what the President approves. Keep in mind this is an average pay increase. Some people would get more and some less, depending on their geographic location and locality pay rates.

We wanted to give readers an idea of what they can expect for their annual pay in 2011, so we created a pay calculator that incorporates a 1.4% average increase in the 2010 pay figures.

Again, nobody knows for certain at this point what the final figure will be, so we added the ability for you to input a custom percentage increase into the calculator so you can see how that would affect your 2011 pay. You could, for example, input a 3% increase into the calculator and it will juxtapose that with the proposed 1.4% increase.

The fine print: The pay cap for 2011 is unknown at this point. As such, the calculator doesn’t include a cap for the higher annual salaries.

The final base pay and locality figures for 2011 will not be known until the pay increase is approved and OPM issues the final figures. So bear in mind the figures produced in the calculator are only estimates based on our best guess as to how a 1.4% increase will factor into the pay rates. The rates for some of the locality areas could be changed by OPM and we will make any modifications when the final pay rates are completed later this year.


Estimated 2011 Federal Pay Rates

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