Federal Employee Pay Freeze and Extra Time Off for Christmas

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In 2011, December 25th (also known as Christmas day) falls on a Sunday.

For many of our readers, most of whom are federal employees, this leads to the question: “Will we get a day off with pay since Christmas falls on a weekend?”

Here is the answer from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM): “For most Federal employees, Monday, December 26, will be treated as a holiday for pay and leave purposes.”

While there is no government-wide order from the White House, there is also a possibility that federal employees will be given an extra day or half of one day off (with pay) in addition to the regular holiday. That happens on occasion under both Democrats and Republicans. Presidents can (and often have) granted extra time off by issuing an executive order.

President Obama provided a half-day off on Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24, 2009. President George W. Bush provided a half-day holiday on Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2002, as well as several full days off the day before or after Christmas—Tuesday, December 24, 2001, Thursday, December 26, 2003, Tuesday, December 24, 2007, and Thursday, December 26, 2008.

There is no official government-wide policy I know of to give federal workers extra time off during the Christmas-New Year’s holidays. But, according to one report, federal agencies are being granted wide leeway to offer their workers a few extra days off. That can happen in any year. But, if an excuse is needed, some agency heads are reportedly planning to give employees one or more extra paid days off this year because of the federal pay freeze.

If more paid holiday time is given to employees in your agency, don’t look for a widespread press release announcing the policy. Most agencies are leery of appearing to provide federal employees with more benefits while the nation’s unemployment rate continues to be very high and there was been widespread criticism of federal pay rates.

In a statement to U.S. News and World Report, OPM stated:

“Although agencies do have the discretion to excuse employees from their duties without loss of pay or charge to leave, OPM has always advised that the granting of excused absence should be limited to those situations in which the employees’ absence, in the agency’s determination, is not specifically prohibited by law and satisfies one or more of the following criteria: (1) the absence is directly related to the agency’s mission; (2) the absence is officially sponsored or sanctioned by the head of agency; (3) the absence will clearly enhance the professional development or skills of the employee in his or her current position; or (4) the absence is brief and is determined to be in the interest of the agency.”

Being a federal employee has a number of advantages, including a number of paid holidays and a relatively generous leave program. And, it appears, at least some readers may be receiving extra time off this year around the Christmas-New Year’s holiday season.

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  1. Mnmnjnf4 says:

    Does anyone know what day is given off if your tour is Wednesday to Sunday, and your already off on Monday, but your co workers are off on the Monday. Do they owe you a day.
    Thanks, happy holidays

  2. workingfed says:

    This is not an extra day off. I’ve been working for the feds for 23 years and for those 23 years it has  been that if a holiday is on a saturday then feds get friday off and if the holiday is sunday then feds get monday off.  This is not something new. this is something that has been in effect for several years.

  3. Ron says:

    If you are on use or loose you will loose that day even if it is given to us not fair never has been never will be.

  4. JM says:

    LazyFed: For someone who proports working more than a goverment employee you seem to spend a lot of time on here anoying folks. How about earning some of my taxpayer dollars and get back to work

  5. Gmanqa says:

    lazyfed is not a federal civil service employee.  He is a retired Lt. Col. from the Air Force.  This is a fact.  

  6. So sad! says:

    I’m not at the 125k either, but may get to the six figure income level within 5-6 years.  In addition, I am going to be Teleworking – just because.  Sorry about your luck “Lazyfed” – keep trying you may get in to the federal gov’t someday and be as deserving as the rest of us.

  7. Retired IRS says:

    Christmas is on a Sunday this year; therefore, there is no need to give federal workers extra time off.

  8. Yswarn2002 says:

    How come everything the Federal employee does are made public annoucement now, as if, WE are the ones that has this country in a GREAT HOLE!! ..private industries arent printing anything about their employees and holiday time off……its really not fair, I  know I work hard for every little penny I earn!!!

  9. AJL says:

    It looks to me that most of the people writing comments and articles know nothing about Big Private Company’s that clump five (5) yearly holidays into one week between Christmas and New Year’s so the employees enjoy Christmas with their family and friends.
    Government employees and private company emploees work for their vacation and sick leave and some Big Company’s will have a manadatory shut-down for two weeks during the summer for Maintenancand machine upgrades. Also, don’t forget Big Company’s give their employees the day-after Thanksgiving off with pay.
    The day before any Major Holiday stroll into any Major company after lunch and count the number of employees sitting at their desk working, also ask a Major Company employee if they enjoy teleworking.
    If you know any Big Company Program Manager ask them about their yearly bonus for outstanding performance with their customer (Government).
    Is this information out there for the public to read and swallow?    

    • Guest says:

      In the private sector only 5% of their employees are outstanding and receive a raise or bonus compared with CS where 95% are Outstanding. The folks in the private sector don’t accumulate sick leave and have far fewer federal holidays. Your right some shut down for 2 weeks and those employees are forced to use their vacation time.
      You think anyone in the private sector was off for 5 days in Jan for snow?? think that those in the private sector that were laid off get back pay?? Guess again

      • Nob says:

        That is not entirely true.  I have relatives that work for big DOD contracting firms.  They accumulate sick leave.  They also shut down at xmas time without being charged vacation time.  Additionally, they make well over $100,000 a year.

        Don’t assume all of private industry is the same!

        • PostalPatriot says:

          You really shouldn’t contradict Lazy with facts and truth… it just confuses him and makes him angry. Then he gets nasty and calls you a union goon… all the while of course ignoring the single most important element… that you are correct.

          • Guest says:

            Of course he didn’t mntion the company

          • PostalPatriot says:

            Ohhh PLEASE!!  Like it would have made any difference… are you suggesting that by merely mentioning the Co. name it would have lent to you the ability to finally see the light and change your perspective on the discussion at hand? No, you would have discredited it in some snide off hand way and continued to ridicule with your clever wit (heavy sarcastic overtone) and continued insisting just as you have all along and below that all us CS are the dredges of society and the bane of your very existence. I am just happy to have contributed in my own meager way to the bobbery that is your life.

        • Guest says:

          Great it must be a problem for you whe you get together and they know that you make $25K more than they do.

  10. magdalena48 says:

    Federal Retirement (FERS) is 1% per year worked (for all those that think we have an outstanding pension).  Work 30 years – get 30%, (Not 90%).

    • Retired IRS says:

      Your post is disingenuous. Federal Employees under FERS also receive Social Security.  They have very generous matching with the TSP Plan. The three tier FERS System is excellent. Most private sector would love to have these three tiers.

      • Herb says:

        Disingenuous? How so?All most everyone working pays in to social security,a lot of companies match a certain percent of their employees 401K contributions. even with SSI and TSP money included it does not come close to the mythical 90% of income. And by the way if Government employees are paid so much and benefits are so great why isn’t everyone a Gov. employee?

      • PublicCitiZen says:

        Most companies that have a highly skilled workforce have a comparable level of benefits to the federal government, and a comparable expense.


  11. John Al Trinidad says:

    I guess it wasn’t mentioned here but the last time president Obama “gave” us that half day, it only applied to people that worked that day. If you wanted to take annual leave, you were charged the full 8 hours. So really, that half-day only really applied to a very handful of people that worked on the 24th.

    If you’re going to report an article with a little bias, could you at least get all the facts straight. Oh wait, I guess that’s what the bias is for right? A little misdirection and manipulation of truth to paint federal workers in a bad light, gotcha.

  12. HRguru says:

    Most people are scheduled off for that time period, and thus would not be eligible for the administrative time off. So it becomes a nice gesture that really doesn’t cost a lot since most would be using their annual leave in any event.

  13. Blah says:

    First of all the 24th of December hardly ever has anyone working and most are already off the whole day with using annual leave. The half day off is only granted to folks that are working that day which are very few so dont make it out to be worse than it seems.

  14. Steve says:

    Ralph thanks for the article but please stop quoting USA Today, it only further legitimizes the daily lies and distortions they publish about federal employees.

    • FedSmith says:

      I understand that there is information in a particular paper that some do not like. USAToday is one of the largest papers in the country. We get comments similar to yours when we publish articles from any other paper, whether it is a liberal paper like the New York Times or a more conservative outlet such as Fox News. We look for information that we think will be of interest to the federal workforce even if we assume that some readers will not agree with it rather than just trying to publish information that would be more agreeable to the federal workforce as a while on the theory that if it impact the workforce, our readers should know about it.

      • John Al Trinidad says:

        And we appreciate that, however, when an article omits relevant information like in this case (President Obama’s half-day only applied to people that worked on the 24th) then the information is incomplete and therefore paints CS workers in a bad light.

        Also, this little tidbit:

        “If more paid holiday time is given to employees in your agency, don’t look for a widespread press release announcing the policy. Most agencies are leery of appearing to provide federal employees with more benefits while the nation’s unemployment rate continues to be very high and there was been widespread criticism of federal pay rates.”

        I had no idea we were required to do “widespread press releases” everytime we get some holiday time off. That statement is very speculative and makes it sound like we are hiding something. I want to see proof that agencies are actively trying to hide these supposedly “beneficial policies”. That widespread criticism is completely and utterly false to begin with so why do we need to be “leery”?

        • Guest says:

          the taxpayers have a right to know

          • John Al Trinidad says:

            Federal Holidays are the same every year and it’s no secret (check your calendar).

            Federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103) establishes the following public holidays for Federal employees. Please note that most Federal employees work on a Monday through Friday schedule. For these employees, when a holiday falls on a nonworkday — Saturday or Sunday — the holiday usually is observed on Monday (if the holiday falls on Sunday) or Friday (if the holiday falls on Saturday).

            January 1stNew Year’s DayJanuary 17Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.February 21**Washington’s BirthdayMay 30Memorial DayJuly 4Independence DaySeptember 5Labor DayOctober 10Columbus DayNovember 11Veterans DayNovember 24Thanksgiving DayDecember 25Christmas Day

            There you go taxpayers. 10 days out of the whole year.
            %0.027 of the entire year
            2/73 of the entire year

            OMG! CS workers benefits are way too much! (-_-) gimme a break.

          • Guest says:

            Other than CS who else gets that many paid holidays a year?? Let me help NONE. By the way your numbers are so wrong stay away from them they aren’t your friend

          • John Al Trinidad says:

            My private sector counterpart from BAE systems get the same paid holidays. There, I just proved you wrong. Now what?

          • Guest says:

            Your comparing contractors that have to access to federal facilities and hence have to take the same days off. You’ve proved NOTHING.
            Don’t you just find it maddening that you can’t post a meaningful argument

          • John Al Trinidad says:

            You said “NONE” and I gave you an example. Besides, surface ships DO NOT shut down on holidays. Sure, there are less people, but there will always be on duty people to accomodate private and public workers during holiday periods. You probably don’t even know what being “on duty” is anyways because you’ve never served your country at all.

             So I just proved you wrong TWICE now. Now what? You gonna come up with another nonsensical, nonrelated, irrelevant rebuttal?

          • Guest says:

            Ahhh so your talking active duty Military and NOT CS. Since you brought up the point if the military is working on ships, flightline or on the ground then contractors are there with them. CS aren’t but contractors are there

  15. Guest says:

    And it IS “Christmas”, not group-think, fed-speak, pc holiday.  Thank you for using the word Christmas.  In any of your writings thank you for separating the days into Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

  16. Bubba_39211 says:

    Under CSRS, it was (and is) possible to get about a 90% retirement but you have to have 40 or more years of service.  It would be possilbe under FERS, but it would only happen if the employee invested heavily in the TSP or an IRA not because of any federally sponsored annunity.

    • p curley says:

      The most you can get is 84%. The maximum is $80% for 41 years and 11 months of service. A CSRS  employee can add he years of unused sick leave to that 80%. If an employee were on the rolls for 41 years 11 months he could have about 4360 hours of sick leave (if he took no sick leave during his career which would be unlikely) and this would mean slightgly more than 2 years of sick leave which would ad up to another 4%. You can’t get 90% as few employees stay the entrie 41 yrs 11 months, let alone accrue that much sick leave. I had 3130 hrs when I retired after 37 years of sevice.

  17. non contractor says:

    Good Morning Lazyfed.
    I am wondering if you have the federal employees mixed up with the contractors.  I know that a person in my position on the contractor side makes $125K and get 90 percent retirement.  Please check your facts and make sure that your position is with the federal Government and not a contractor. I make 60K and my retirement is based on Social Security and what I put in my TSP.

    • Guest says:

      sounds like your not very knowledgeable about your pay and benefits since you also receive FERS which is 95% funded by the taxpayers. That might explain why you make $60K

  18. Joe says:

    May the federal employees have a Merry Christmas and an extra paid day off for each year the pay freeze has been in effect.

    There is no need to target federal employees as a means to balance the budget. Was it Mr. Perry who said he would freeze federal employees pay until the budget is balanced? As an alternative to that idea why don’t we halt the pay of the President and Congress until the budget is balanced.

    • ImSteve2 says:

      All this talk about Pay Freezes and Political Gridlock… Maybe we need to “get Medieval on their @$$.”

      from Wikipedia

      The papal election from November 1268 to September 1, 1271, following the death of Pope Clement IV, was the longest papal election in the history of the Catholic Church. This was due primarily to political infighting between the cardinals.

      The papal election from November 1268 to September 1, 1271, following the death of Pope Clement IV, was the longest papal election in the history of the Catholic Church. This was due primarily to political infighting between the cardinals. The election of Tebaldo Visconti as Pope Gregory X was the first example of a papal election by “Compromise.” The election was effected by a Committee of six cardinals agreed to by the other remaining ten. The election occurred more than a year after the magistrates of Viterbo locked the cardinals in, reduced their rations to bread and water, and legendarily removed the roof of the Palazzo dei Papi di Viterbo…

    • FedEmp says:

      Amen. If Congress stood to lose their own money due to unbalanced budget maybe we would have a balanced budget every year and a budget agreed upon and submitted on time.

    • mema says:

      Amen to that one.

  19. GovNurse says:

    To lazyfed

    You do know you can look up the salaries of Federal employees, don’t you. Here’s a link to the database that I found elsewhere on this website. http://fedsdatacenter.com/

    Take a look around. Even in DC, the average salary isn’t near $125,000. You really have to get your talking points in order.

  20. Bleifuss says:

    LazyFed is a troll, and if we ignore him, maybe he’ll go away….

    • Guest says:

      and your what?? let me hazard a guess a union goon

      • PostalPatriot says:

        OHHH!… and there it is folks. The perpetual “union goon” comment. For a moment there Lazy I thought you had forgotten your only defense mechanism. You crack me up. It’s always the same name calling slur when you have nothing else left to say. When are you going to realize that everyone on here knows you for what you really are hater? What I have yet to figure out is why you stick around for the abuse. Are you really that lonely? LOL! 

    • Yswarn2002 says:

      your so right, maybe his wife left him for a younger stud!!  lol….

  21. LMR Spec. @ Large Agency says:

    Love the standard “lazyfed” comment of a 125k annual salary.  Still waiting for my pay raise to get me to that salary.  But lazyfed, lie so many other lazy people, dare not cite a source for the 125k salary.  And dammit- I want my 125k salary regardless! 

    • PublicCitiZen says:

      Didn’t you read lazy’s comment?  You already have it!  (He’s his own best source). Maybe you should look closer at your LES. 😉

    • Me says:

      An LMR specialist? Hmm…you may not have the salary by itself, but I imagine the total package of salary and benefits is definitely in that range.  Or are you a perpetual journeyman?

    • Fatbak6441 says:

       This is why lazyfed is a contractor versus a CS employee. His narrow mind gets hung up on one thing.

    • Guest says:

      Hmm  lets see the Dept of Labor produced the data and 7 different INDEPENDENT activities all came up with the $125K a year… here’s some of the sources Heritage, USA Today, MSNBC, Brookings ad even Fedsmith. But hey its a lot easier to be in denial

    • Sick-of-Average Quotes says:

      As I’ve stated before, average means nothing.  A past article on this website, is more telling.  Refer to:  http://www.fedsmith.com/articl….  As you can see, on the Federal GS Pay Distribution graph, the highest percentage (NOT AVERAGE), of employees in 2009 were in the $30K-$50K range, with the number of employees with salaries declining pretty much beyond those ranges, with a slight bump up for at the $180K range.  Pulling out separate data for the DC and Virginia areas, reveals different data, but telling as well.  There are more higher graded/paid employees in DC and VA which increases the average salary overall for federal employees, but again, average means nothing.  Even though this data is from 2009, the graphs tell the real story on the number of employees and where the majority of federal employees pay falls.  This information is from OPM.

      • Guest says:

        do you know how an average is computed?? Obviously not.
        Of course OPM was unable earlier this year to determine the avg CS salary and they also said that CS make less than the private sector. Of course they refuse to release their methodology

        • Sick-of-Average Quotes says:

          Perhaps a statistics class will help you gain a better understanding of how to look at data and what it really means.  Might help you.

  22. Guest says:

    Great more time off to match the $125k annual salary

    • RandyF says:

      Wow, cool. What agency do I have to get into to get that? It’s more than double what I EARN now.

      • Roy says:

        It’s more than TRIPLE what I EARN. Add to that we’ve taken over another command so the workload has doubled. I used to think I was very well paid but the money doesn’t go too far anymore. And they shouldn’t compare fed jobs to private sector since there are so many rules and regulations to follow. Doing my job is like figuring your taxes manually every day. What a grind just to accomplish what should be simple.

      • mustbcrazy! says:

        me too and I am a federal employee. Buy apparently we all earn 125k. Nice to know I’ve been getting shafted for years!!

    • Brooklyn says:

      Hey this great news lazy fed!!!

      Since we are all making your “imaginary $125,000″annual salary, give your address so we Feds can come by and sing extra nice Holiday songs to you.  You’ve entertained us so much this year, thought it might be nice to return the favor.   How about a little “Fa-La-La-La-La” to get you out of your cranky-spirit?! 


      • Guest says:

        come by any time unfortunately I work from 7AM to 7 PM

        • Fatbak6441 says:

          I’m sure it’s not from you needing too. Maybe you need to spend less time at the water cooler or out walking smelling the cherry blossoms so you can do like CS employees and complete your work in a regular 8 hour shift. Or maybe you need to get a life so you don’t have to hang around your work place past 3:30 and won’t have to stay on the computer half night making all these unsupported comments. 

        • Santa in Hollywood says:

          If you work those long hours, then where do you find the time to blog. You’re a retired CS with an ax to grind. The rest of us put in 40 hrs.  a week and contrary to your liberal rhetoric, we do work.

          NO goose dinner for you this christmas Mr. Scrooge. Bah Humbug!

    • Dbstultz says:

      Well clearly the pay database which shows that in all regions the average federal salary is below 100k (some well below) must be wrong. Right? I mean Lazyfed is ALWAYS right…

      • Retired10 says:

        ….and the average would be even lower if we had not been mandated to hire “contact” employees to fill our lower paying positions (at least in my old agency).  That was a BIG cost savings to we the taxpayers…..NOT

      • Guest says:

        Another CS who has difficulty with  numbers and analyzing data. Stick with something you know like playing video games at work, surfing the internet shopping or playing with social media

    • wildcard says:

      Just wanted you to know that i am one of those feds who earn big money and must have more, and also I need more time off with pay too, thanxs Lazyfed for paying your taxes, please pay a little extra this year, I need some extra presents before I retire with 90 percent of my pay.

      • Markgibson1955 says:

        Not sure who ever retired at 90% of their pay after working for the federal government.  And lets not forget all those feds that were forced or about to be forced into early retirement or in taking a buy out due to the arbitrary cuts being levied in agencies.

      • LondonFlat says:

        There is no such thing as a 90 percent retirement for federal government employees.  Misinformation like this contributes to the bad reputation “enjoyed” by us civil servants.  We did not get a pay raise this year, yet our health benefits premiums went up.  We will not get a pay raise next year, and, again our health benefits premiums are going up.  The price of almost everything is going up, because no matter how bad the economy is, there is still inflation.  There are, no doubt, some federal employees who are overpaid.  However, there are a great number of us who work very hard for our pay and who feel like we are making a contribution to our great country.  If you like the benefits and pay of federal employees, how about applying for a federal government job?  Then you would be able to see for yourself if you think that federal employees are greedy and are in it just for the money.  Some of us actually believe in what we do for the American people.

        • EpaEngr says:

          There are a WHOLE LOT of overpaid govt workers, they are called supervisors, managers, SESers, and contractors. 

        • COLS says:

          I thought wild card was making a bad joke. you’re right this is how bad information gets out. When I retire w/33 years I only get 66% the most is 41yrs+11 mos for 80%, bad wildcard. You LIE

        • Guest says:

          and most taxpayers took a pay CUT and lost medical benefits. Its possible that you actually work 40 hours there is always an exception to the rule

      • Retired10 says:

        …..and good luck getting the not-even-close to 90% of your pay retirement out of the Government.  CSRS-Offset, 308 days and still waiting………the Government now owes me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and probably will not pay interest. 🙁

      • magdalena48 says:

        I worked 30 years as a Fed – my pension is 30%. 1% per year under the Federal Employees Retirement System. (FERS)

        • Guest says:

          and 99% of it is paid for by the taxpayers not you

          • magdalena48 says:

            What’s wrong with paying taxes? It’s a “good thing”; I’m glad I have a police force, garbage pick-up, teachers, fire fighters, etc. in my community.  I pay taxes for it and I’m glad I have these services.

    • Rpcdunn says:

      I too would like to have this imaginary salary!  Been around 28 years and have not seen it yet, maybe in another 28!

    • guest says:

      Lazyfed – Where do you work?  You probably don’t have a job.

    • Fed worker bee says:

      lazyfed, please let me know when I get to that magic $125k number.  I don’t make that much, even when including benefits …

    • Guest says:

      The 125K is that mystic salary figure that the team of Micah and Issah use in bashing the TSA and other Federal Agencies as if everyone outside the majic and holiest place in American, “Inside the Beltway” work.  People need to get out of that Armpit and get out in the real country and see most of us are working for peanuts and are doing this as a form of public service and not to fill our pockets like congressman….

    • S Barksdale24 says:


      I want the remainder of my 125k salary because I haven’t received it.

    • Ladybeth414 says:

      try looking to the electred officials for the 125K salary. Also it is the elected politicians that get their fulll salary for retirement, pay NO Social Security taxes, nor contribute to their medical benefits.  It is not us “grunts” that have to apply for and earn a position serving our government.

    • Omeomai says:

      Lazyfed- $125k, are you kidding?  That much of a pay cut would really hurt!  Don’t insult me like that again, please. 

    • Guest says:

      Hay lazyfed can you let me know when that money comes because I have not seen it yet.  I work for every penny that I make and some that I don’t see.


      Let me explain why AVERAGE MEANS NOTHING…………You are going to buy a house.  You really love the 90210 zip code.  You can only afford a house if the sale price is less than 300K.  You look up the average sale price in 90210 for the past year and it is $387K.  You move on to another less desirable area to look for your home.  What you did not do, is look at what the average was based on for the year.  There were 5 sales, 200K, 215K, 230K, 290K, and 1,000,000K.  As you based your decision on the average, you thought you could not afford to move there.  As you can see, if you compare this to the federal salary data comparison, the higher paid salaried employees skew the average.   Reality is the majority of federal employees make nowhere near the average. 

    • retiredfed says:

      Lazyfed please point me to the source of your data “$125k salary”

      here is data from a site that qoutes OMB as their source


      Average Federal Salaries by State for 2010
      StateAverage Salary StateAverage SalaryAlabama$71,579.69 Alaska$64,547.03Arizona$61,884.00 Arkansas$64,984.45California$74,453.12 Colorado$77,418.06Connecticut$80,170.85 Delaware$69,460.30District of Columbia$99,291.31 Florida$71,137.40Georgia$79,527.21 Hawaii$62,392.46Idaho$58,334.93 Illinois$79,955.24Indiana$64,687.82 Iowa$63,431.99Kansas$68,062.80 Kentucky$61,511.31Maine$65,739.44 Maryland$97,852.91Massachusetts$77,616.31 Michigan$70,888.51Minnesota$71,442.18 Mississippi$64,894.31Missouri$66,109.59 Montana$57,620.85Nebraska$64,094.18 Nevada$70,427.80New Hampshire$82,928.41 New Jersey$82,461.36New Mexico$64,119.55 New York$77,164.33North Carolina$72,106.10 North Dakota$62,079.28Ohio$74,871.75 Oklahoma$68,526.82Oregon$66,078.30 Pennsylvania$69,045.75Rhode Island$75,120.95 South Carolina$68,920.22South Dakota$58,456.23 Tennessee$67,045.54Texas$74,173.80 Utah$58,337.82Vermont$68,355.11 Virginia$96,588.44Washington$73,913.31 West Virginia$69,313.18Wisconsin$67,097.42 Wyoming$56,530.02

      • PostalPatriot says:

        You’re assuming he has one… LOL! He has his hate and misinformation which he spreads like disease and that about sums it up. Just read his threads from any other source and you will see the same repetitious anti-federal banter. HATE HATE HATE, anti- union this anti-union that. He never provides any credible information but rather just the fragmented bits of his own reality that continually rattle around in his lonely otherwise empty head. I almost feel sorry for him except this is his only pathetic existence so I am disincline to take that miniscule validation of his life away. Merry Christmas Lazy…