Who are the 1000 Highest Paid Federal Employees?

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Web site WikiOrgCharts has recently released a list of the top 1000 highest paid federal employees. The list includes the individuals’ names, titles, agencies, and annual salaries.

The top 20 are as follows:

Rank Name Title Agency Annual Salary


Electron Kebebew

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Randolph Copeland

Medical Officer

Indian Health Service



Anthony Fauci

Director ,national allergy and infectious disease

National Institutes of Health



David Poe

Medical Officer

Indian Health Service



Joseph Frechette

Medical Officer

Indian Health Service



Richard Nichols

Medical Officer

Indian Health Service



Bradford Wood

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



David Bluemke

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



John Gossard

Medical Officer

Indian Health Service



Paul Sieving

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



William Kammerer

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Elizabeth Jones

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Steven Rosenberg

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



W Linehan

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Ronald Summers

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Lawrence Tabak

Principal Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health



Roderic Pettigrew

Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.

National Institutes of Health



John Park

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Russell Lonser

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health



Julia Labovsky

Medical Officer

National Institutes of Health


If this list is any indication, the National Institutes of Health is apparently a good agency to work for in terms of drawing many of the highest annual salaries in government.

The full list is available on the WikiOrgCharts Web site.

According to its site, WikiOrgCharts is a new startup, having just launched in 2011. It’s stated mission is to solve “one of the last problems in business focused networking: how companies and government agencies are structured.”

To see more individuals’ annual salaries in government, be sure to check out FedsDataCenter.com for a searchable database of federal civilian and Postal employees’ annual salaries.

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  1. Robfman says:

    they are not including the VA physicians.  (see the USA today article: http://www.usatoday.com/money/… In this article, there are 12708 VA physicians that made over 180,000, vs 977 total NIH employees that made this amount and 319 IHS (doctors and dentists).  Based on this, the VA would be the ideal place to work

  2. Dgs says:

    The WikiOrg  information  is wrong. The VA has many Medical officers well over 200K that aren’t on here.

  3. Rp_js_neidhard says:

    Why isn’t President Obama listed as the #1 top paid federal employee?

  4. FedHR says:

    The wikileaks data is out of date by about two years.

  5. Berubefin says:

    OMG!!!  No wonder everyone thinks federal employees are overpaid.  Okay for Medical officers, but the ones from the SEC, Commodity Trading, FDA, NASA and a bunch of others surely are way overpaid.   There needs to be immediate action to freeze and reduce the numbers of employees and the wages to these none performers!

    • Retired IRS says:

      I suppose that you mean non-performers, you wrote none performers. Do you even know any of these individuals ? I bet many of them them work long hours and have a great deal of responsibility. Until you have the facts about the work performed by any of these individuals, please refrain from blanket, uninformed opinions.

  6. DBS says:

    Yup they are mostly doctors, and sadly even with those salaries they are underpaid comparied to their private sector counterparts

  7. Myralr says:

    I am sure they deserve their pay if they are medical doctors.  I am not so sure about administrators for the Farm Credit, SEC, Credit Unions, FDIC FHA etc.  Having said that, I am ok with them making what their expertiese demands.  What I would like to know is, when the media spouts what Federal Employees average wage is are these people included.  Also I have an issues with how they compute our pay when they include benefits.  I believe the formula they use is misleading. 

  8. lazyfed says:

    I almost graduated High School and still couldn’t get one of these jobs. These CS are overpaid, all because of their education, training, skills and hard work. None of them deserve a 1/10 of that much money.

    • BMB says:

      I can’t even begin to explain what nonsense your statement is.  Non of that makes any sense.  So these CS that are listed are overpaid you say?  You might want to look into what their private sector counterparts are making then you’ll understand they aren’t doing it for the money.  Highly skilled professionals such as doctors and lawyers in federal service putting in decades of work could make seven figures yet look at what the best of them are making in CS?  Their, “education, training, skills and hard work” as you say doesn’t justify how little these types of professionals are getting.  For them, this is more of a charity considering what they could make.  But from the posts I’ve seen you make on every article on this site, you are way too short-sighted and self-loathing to think of other people, especially civil servants whom many of which are trying to help the American people.  Think before you speak please

      • Arrive-1 says:

        BMB: Seems to me that lazyfed was being pointing out how wrong the politicians and citizens who call us lazy feds are in reality.  Besides getting educated and working hard, a well-developed sense of humor can take a fed a long way as well.

  9. Mahzor80509 says:

    Please educate me, do these highest people have a GS rating etc like I did during my service at NAVICP Phila?  Thanks in advance. 

  10. DC says:

    I guess if we get rid of all on that list the budget will be balanced.

  11. FrontLineFed says:

    I noticed there are at least 7 people who are listed twice (lines 772/773, 775/776, 827/828, 836/837, 909/910, 945/946, 982/984).  What does that mean–are they pulling double salaries?  They either work for Farm Credit Admin or for US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  I’m all for doctors making the pay…but double salaries? 

    • James70094 says:

      Whoever complied the list made a error. They just need to fix it and add some additional people to fill out the top 1000.

  12. KeepMovin says:

    The wiki chart not only lists the top 1000 but it appears to lists EVERY employee and their salary.

  13. McFeddwich says:

    What a surprise, doctors, dentists, and attorneys, as well as other medical/professional specialists.

  14. Wlpww1 says:

    Im wondering how the new health plan is going to affect these salary’s ?????? 

  15. Retired Gov says:

    they make more than the president.

  16. Sweetpindc says:

    I hope peopel realize that those on this list are the people with the most advanced degrees such as doctors (MDs) and lawyers.  If you would compare these positions to those in the private sector, it would be realized that these employees are taking a significant pay cut.  Many of these positions are not GS positions either as they are off the scale.  They do not have the same protections as those in a GS position.  Of course, none of this is said in the articles discussing federal salaries.

    • Gregoryamorgan says:

      …you said that like “only the little people pay taxes” and you see where that got her!! So what you are saying, 36 years of G/L experience, Statement of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet and Income Statements do not hold water until you have a PHD? Interesting, I can work circles around your degrees, however, I am maintaining a 4.0 average while I gain mine so I too may be snooty?

    • Guest says:

      The avg attorney in the private sector with 20 years experience makes on avg $100K a year so now what story will you tell??

  17. aFED says:

    Where are the women??

  18. poor gov employee says:

    Ok. Well don’t freeze the pay for ALL Federal employees because I’m a GS-7 and I have to bachelor degrees.

  19. Centerfire49 says:

    I know five of the Indian Health Service Physicians.  They are all orthopedic surgeons.  They all earn every penny they are paid.

  20. Guest says:

    Its a start but WIKI ignores the Fed, World Bank, UN to name a few. It also ignored bonuses at Freddie and Fannie

  21. Muffalapacus says:

    So basically, they are all doctors.  No suprise there.

  22. Tom says: