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Pending Legislative Proposals Targeting Pay and Benefits

A number of proposals have emerged in Congress in the last several months that are aimed at federal employees, and often not in a good way. NTEU has vowed to fight Republicans in the upcoming election and has compiled a list of the legislative proposals targeting the federal workforce to help make its case.

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The Immobilized SES

The Partnership for Public Service has released a report documenting position mobility within the Senior Executive Service. The report findings indicate that members of the SES workforce generally remain in the same position throughout their careers even though the SES was designed to be a mobile workforce.

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FLRA Finds Air Traffic Controller Union Breached Labor Law But Allows Future Violations

The FLRA writes that changing its constitution to “punish” controllers who leave its bargaining unit and return, was an unfair labor practice retroactively but not “prospectively.” The unions’ action was to “punish unit members who escaped the unconscionable terms and conditions unilaterally imposed by the FAA . . . by going to work for FAA management.”

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