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Government employees – whether federal, state, local or military – have dedicated their lives to making our country better through their loyal service. One of the ways that businesses reward retired government employees for their service is through special discounts. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to save on special and everyday purchases that companies are willing to offer you as a “thank you” because of your service to our country.

As a retired government employee, discounts are easy to find, but there are a few things to know about the discounts offered. First, many of the discounts offered won’t be advertised in your local paper or even on the Internet. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t available. Don’t hesitate to ask the company you are doing business with if they have a special discount for retirees. Remember, you won’t know if you don’t ask. If you are looking on the Internet, retired government employee agencies and associations generally have links on their websites to discounts that are available. While the most popular discounts are available for travel, there are also many discounts available for everyday purchases. There are many discounts that Government employees are entitled to. Some discounts are a specific percentage off and others are special offers that are far cheaper than the offers an average person would receive. It should be noted that many companies will not openly advertise that they do have such specials so it always pays to ask if they do. Whether you save a small or large percentage, any discount is still a discount.

Clearly, there are many opportunities to save money available. Here is just a sampling of what you can find by quickly scanning the Internet:

Associations and Retired Government Employee Organizations

As part of their service package, many associations and organizations offer discount benefits to retired government employees. For instance, FedSave, a volunteer-run organization, offers a variety of discounts for retired government employees. According to their website, “FedSave emails a weekly newsletter – FedSave Discounts Newsletter – to our members that includes detailed information on the latest discounts and special offers for Government employees.” These companies include Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Staples, McDonald’s and 1-800-Flowers, to name just a few. Available to not only retired employees but their families as well, the FedSave newsletter offers a variety of premium discounts to retired government employees. In order to receive the discount information, retired employees simple need to sign up and become a member.

Another association, the National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association offers discounts to their members on travel, whether a land package, cruise or tour. In addition, NARFE members can access discounted car rental rates through Alamo, Avis or National car rental agencies.

At Government Executive, there is an article with links that contains many excellent offers for retired employees.

At the Government Employees Marketplace with a free membership, you can find discounts that include discounts to Dell, and Sprint, plus other non-advertised deals.

Dell Honors employees and retirees of the Federal Government and their families with up to 30% computer discounts and best price guarantee for members. Go to to receive your discount. To receive free 2nd business day shipping on personal purchases and get a 5% gift card back on everything you purchase in addition to your discount sign up for Dell Advantage at  and use Member ID CS25031666.

Finally, GETO offers an amazing opportunity for retired government workers that love to travel. According to their website, “The Government Employee Travel Opportunities (GETO) is a ‘space available’ program that offers federal, state, city and local Government office personnel the opportunity to enjoy vacations at popular destinations around the world – for just $369 per unit, per week.” This offer includes retired employees and has a myriad of options for travel. The program is run through Resort Condominiums International and takes advantage of unoccupied timeshares, vacation villas and resorts.

Another travel opportunity is available through GovArm. GovArm offers a variety of travel options including short-notice luxury accommodations in a condo, nightly hotel rentals up to 50% off, cruises, vacation packages to Mexico and Hawaii, assistance with timeshares, and access to deals through Travelocity.  Associations and organizations dedicated to retired government employees offer some of the best discounts.


Many companies that work in the travel business are delighted to offer retirees extra discounts. For instance, if you are planning on traveling and are looking for a hotel, Choice Hotels offers discounts for retired government travelers with guaranteed one and two person rates at their 2,700 hotels and properties. They also offer similar rates for dependents who are on leisure travel. Called the ChoicePrivileges Program, more information on Choice Hotels discounts can be accessed at

Additionally, Dollar Rent-A-Car will give retired government employees 5% off of retail rates, a preferred leisure rate, complementary membership in the Dollar Express Rental Program, unlimited mileage allowance, frequent flyer miles that coordinate with a variety of airlines and even a free GPS rental. Their information can be accessed at Travel companies are a great place to access discounts.

Other Opportunities To Save

Travel is not the only area that retirees can find discounts. For retired government employees at the GS-7 level and higher, discounts on car insurance through Geico are available. For the GEICO web site more information on this offer.

Technology, too, can be found at a discount. Perhaps you’d like to create a website and start a small business in retirement? Save 20% off the Yola website builder service with a Yola promotional code.

If you are interested in purchasing some of the hottest gadgets in the market, Apple offers savings to retired government employees as well. With discounts that include the iPad, iPhone and all other Apple products, you can find more information as well as a dedicated government employee Apple store.

Health needs are not exempt from discounts, too. Group Health Eye Care Optical Shops offers retirees a 20% discount on glasses and a one-time 20% discount on contact lenses.

Need to downsize or move? Save 5% off Pods portable storage units with a Pods promotional code. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is offering a promo code that will save you $10 off junk removal service.

Finally, many businesses, whether restaurants such as Applebee’s, IHOP, home stores such as Lowe’s, and many gyms offer discounts.

As you can see, there are a myriad of opportunities for savings when you are a retired government employee. No matter whether you have worked on the federal, state or local level, you can save on just about anything that you need to purchase for your family.

When you are looking for discounts, remember that you may have to be bold. To find discounts, you may have to ask what might be available for retired government employees or to do some research on the Internet. And, don’t get discouraged. While the initial discount might not be a considerable amount, over time those discounts can add up to a great deal of savings for you and your family. It is a wonderful way for companies to thank loyal government employees for their service.

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  1. rr says:

    not to worry this is not a deal – in fact this gov. employee “deal” actually is $100 more than if you just went to Apple’s regular website $299 for an ipad mini or the govt emp. deal for $399 for same thing. RIP-Off!

  2. RetireNowwhileyoustillcan says:

    Once the Republican zealots who live to bash government employees find out about this, they will not only find ways to cancel these, but most likely make us pay 10% more. They’ll do this in the same bill they give more tax cuts to the rich and raise their own salaries.

    • lazycs says:

      poster child for what’s wrong with CS.. never happy even when some one gives you $100 want to know why it wasn’t a $110

    • Sam Hill says:

      The rich SHOULD get more tax cuts.  They already pay more than their fair share, while almost 50% of Americans pay NO TAXES (while receiving more and more government benefits, I mean “entitlements”). Is that fair?  I don’t think so.

  3. Burt3 says:

    Get me my WEP(used as a proper noun) that IBM, Boeing, HP, and many more get, cut their Social Security benefits. Percentage wise, the wep effects minorities more than others, a Reagan trick. 

  4. WeatherGuy says:

    Thank you for the article. I hope someone does not think government employees get something special most others could get. From my experience these are the same discounts that over 55, AARP, member of xyz association, retired xyz, member of xyz union member gets. If congress finds out we will have to pay taxes on these ‘benifits’ and because the “average” american does not get them, our pay will be frozen to 2014.

  5. GhillieMan says:

    Nice listing, but how about discounts for us on firearms and ammunition for what’s about to go down? 

    1. Israel strikes Iran, who deserves it; 2. We (U.S.A.) get pulled in; 3. Current Apologetic, Anti-Christian U.S. President Obama declares Martial Law (already set up by Bush); 4. FFL and Ammo stores are forced to close down, and; 5. Islamists and blue-eyed anarchists start blowing crap up.

    Gotta have ammo for those type of Human Zombies!

    Stay Safe,

    P.S. I’ve just completed my first year of retirement as a Fed and I am sooooo loving it.

  6. Anna Knight says:

    To no avail, I attempted to access the “Fed Save Newsletter.  The ‘red arrow’ did not respond. 

  7. ladyjewels says:

    After receiving this email today, I looked at the article titled More Discounts for Government Workers dated September 18, 2011.  T-Mobile was listed so I called and sure enough, they gave me the 15% discount and did not make me renew my contract due to me being under a loyalty plan!  I was not aware of this and have been with T-Mobile since 2007.  Not much of a savings and it doesnt apply to all current features, but i’ll take whatever I can get. Better late than never.   

  8. Realseabee says:

    I just checked out the Apple store, the prices are EXACTLY the same in the government site as the regular site. No savings to be had. 

    • MB says:

      Cheaper at Sam’s club!

    • Glad2BRetired says:

      Not true Realseabee, you have to take it several steps further and/or speak to a sales rep.  I know because I almost bought my SO an iMac for Christmas and was able to get the discount.  The only reason I didn’t is because he preferred a Windows OS while still working for the government.  Now, if you are speaking of an iPad or something similar, I am not sure.  But I do know you CAN get a discount for an iMac.

    • Jlshipman225 says:

       As for Ipads…the $$$ is the same, I spoke to a rep.  They said that they rarely discount Ipad.  Sometimes they do add features such as free shipping

  9. OldRet says:

    I looked at the link for Choice Hotels and could find no discounts for retired Federal employees unless you are retired military.

    • Old G-man says:

      They let retirees book the gov. rate.  Usually cheaper, but not always.  After dozens of stays, I’ve never been asked for an ID, but always have it just in case.

  10. lazycs says:

    Thanks to who ever did this

  11. Fed Up! says:

    Don’t anyone tell the R-T pee r’s that govt. employees get these discounts.  If they find out they will throw us in a conc. camp and give them to their wallstreet and K street friends while tripling them.  

    • truth says:

      remove your cone-shaped tin foil hat, please.

    • William Wood says:

      Most all the big theme amusement parks, businesses that offer a “We Offer a Vet’s Discount” , and the like that are really big on supporting the Soldier are zilch when you are a DoD Civilian, in spite of the fact the job I have requires me to deploy to “hot” War Zones on a pretty regular basis. We were at Dollywood last year, and it was “Armed Forces Appreciation Week” there. They had a big hooray about how they offered discounts to the “Members of our Armed Forces”. Now, I realise that’s the Army Navy, A.F. and Marines, but my wife pulled out a photo taken of me “in Theater, in uniform” just after my up-armored Hummve had hit an IED. (I was shaken but thank Goodness, unhurt. Several others wern’t as lucky.) The Ticket Manager just said “That don’t matter. Soldiers only. Don’t know what you are, but it ain’t no soljer”. Same happened when I was invited back to a 2-day hunt at my old deer lease in the state where I used to be stationed. They offer a 3-day license to “Military” (no further qualification or definition) for about $20.00. But a non-resident 3-day Trip Permit is $400.00. I explained, even scanned some photos taken of me in uniform, armor vest, and helmet in Iraq and Afganistan. Same answer. Our agency has has casualities in theater, but a stateside reservist gets a better deal than uniformed DoD deployable employees.    

      • Chasboard says:

        Sorry, You should have signed up for the real military with all of the long term commitments.  Sorry, we appreciate your services as a mercinary….but you are not the real military.  I do not support your side.  Glad places are sticking to their guns and looking for the real ID cards.

    • gobama84 says:

      Believe it or not there are a lot of govt. employees that are conservatives.