Groups Urge 'No' Vote on Ryan Budget Proposal

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The Federal-Postal Coalition is urging House members to vote against the recently proposed FY 2013 budget proposal released by the House Budget Committee.

In a letter the Coalition penned this week on behalf of the 4.6 million federal and postal workers represented by its member organizations, it said that the cuts in the budget proposal unfairly target federal workers and do not represent shared sacrifice in spending cuts.

The letter states, in part, “The 2011 and 2012 pay freeze that federal employees are continuing to live under will produce $60 billion in savings over 10 years. The recently enacted Unemployment Insurance extension legislation will take another $15 billion from federal and postal employees in increased pension contributions for a current total of $75 billion. This is not shared sacrifice.”

The budget proposal introduced last week by Ryan and the House Budget Committee would extend the pay freeze through 2015, increase pension contributions for federal workers, and cut the size of the workforce by 10% through attrition.

Federal Postal Coalition Letter to House on FY13 Budget Resolution

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  1. Firedude59 says:

    Absolutely NOTHING significant has been done by the Obama Administration in the past 3.8 years except for the Obama care debacle that got “handled” by the Dems behind closed doors when they controlled the House and Senate (that we’ll all regret someday).  NO spending limits were ever agreed on or any kind of a budget so we have the same scenario facing us for the next 4 years? 

    SOMEONE at the Head Shed better come up with something or we’ll be the most debt ridden Country on the planet and with no military to defend ourselves or even fund it if we did!   

  2. N4cid says:

    The best hope for this country is people like Ryan…………….Everyone seems to be completely oriented toward themselves, greedy, and have no interest in saving the USA .  It is really a sad situation.

  3. Crjjetjock says:

    This is BS. I worked for the federal Gov’t 25 years and just retired. The last 3 years my pay was frozen. So what I said. If it is good for the country it is good for me.The gov’t is full of fraud, waste and abuse. Made me sick to watch it. I could write a book.

  4. lazycs says:

    Great petition as the bipartisan bill was approved by an over whelming bipartisan majority

  5. mystate2 says:

    Union representation has boosted postal wages way beyond the standard GS wage scale.  I retired from the federal government under the standard scale.  I think everyone should be on the same wage scale whether it is increased or decreased.  Drop the union(s).

    • Black_Diamond_Bob says:

      except they are a corporation and a semi independent entity.

    • JG4 says:

      Union representation has boosted postal wages way beyond the standard GS wage scale.”

      All contracts in the USPS were either negotiated or arbitrated… now if the unions were able to negotiate a benefit that management gave them or the arbitrator awarded them how is either management or the  arbitrator not culpable?

      “I retired from the federal government under the standard scale.  I think everyone should be on the same wage scale whether it is increased or decreased. “

      Your employment conditions were your choice, why should someone be held to your standard of retirement when they might have made a different choice than you?

    • Retired fed says:

       Right! Drop the Unions and what protection will the employees have against brutal managers.

  6. Black_Diamond_Bob says:

    Obama should sighn up and agree with the Bill. Then the GOP will be against it like the mandate they created and the Tax reduction obama wanted. WHATEVER OBAMA WANTS, THE GOP IS AGAINST!. Great public policy. Thats way Romney will loose in NoVember

    • lazycs says:

      let me know when barak subits a good idea to congress. They voted today in the House on Barak’s budget 426 NO’ssss and 0 yes’s

      • The Master says:

        First, that’s not true. Second, Congress is supposed to make the budget and pass it. 

        • lazycs says:

          Jimmy is reading something your not good at??/ It seems as though your incapable of understanding that the way this republic works is the president submits a budget bill to congress and then the House takes action and off to the Senate. But hey no one has ever accused you or obama of having read the constitution

          • The Master says:

            Oh, good. Then all of those budgets being proposed by Congress are unconstitutional. Great job pointing that out. 

          • lazycs says:

            did I studder??? barak submitted his nonsense back in Feb a month late and now the House will start the process

          • The Master says:

            It’s impossible to stutter, when you don’t say anything. And you have never provided any evidence to support any of your nonsense. 

  7. PublicCitiZen says:

    Groups urge no vote on Ryan Proposal.

    Here’s another news flash.

    Ryan is a politically ambitious hack, and we can expect this partisan crap from him until he either achieves his goals, or achieves irrelavancy.

    I’m counting on the latter.

    • Guvwrkr says:

      Here’s another news flash…I urge a YES vote on the Ryan Proposal and I hope he DOES achieve his goals which are also this countries goals. The USA has a SPENDING PROBLEM and it has to stop before it’s too late and we become just like Greece. And yes, I’m a Govt. worker, I’m just willing to do what it takes to get our country in balance again. Mr. Ryan is not a hack! 

      • The Master says:

        Guvwrkr, you can do your part by going to the private sector. That will save some money. We spedn 41% of our budget of SS, Medicare and associated programs. We spend 20% on defense, which is more money than the next 15 countries combined. There may be some other areas to make cuts.

        • LVRichardson says:

          Even if Guvwrkr “goes to the private sector”, his position won’t be gone, and will just be re-filled, unless Ryan’s plan goes into effect–up to the 10% attrit rate.

          • Joden says:

            And . . .  if work needs to be done and there are no “government workers” to do it we can . . . contract it out to Blackwater and Haliburton at a bare minimum of taxpayer expense.

        • lazycs says:

          sure are Education, state, commerce, interior, NIH eliminate them as a good start

          • The Master says:

            And after ou emolinate that 1%, where do you go next? How about caling for an end to foreign aid instead? 

          • lazycs says:

            In addition, they wouldn’t hire me, so turnaround is fair play.

      • JG4 says:

        Why is it a spending problem now when it wasn’t under the prior administration?

        • lazycs says:

          lets do the math spending in 1997 was $1.6 Trillion and now its $3.6 Trillion. How can anyone rationalize spending more than doubling

        • maddemocrat says:

          Right!  I love it how all of the sudden we are concerned about debt and deficits.  Give me a break.

      • maddemocrat says:

        We merely need to stop pretending that the money earned by the finacial services sector is trickling down.  Our tax system needs to comport with the manner in which people are actually earning their money.  Ryan’s only problem with spending is what he feels is liberal spending.  He had no problem voting for unfunded benefits or tax cuts or increased defense spening.

    • LVRichardson says:

      Great reply!!  Added so much to the discussion.  And so thoughtful.  I learned a lot.  Thanks.