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Pay Freeze to Continue Through March

Filed in News on September 29, 2012 Comments

The president has signed another continuing appropriations resolution to fund the government for another few months. It means that the existing pay freeze for federal employees will continue.

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Inbound for TSA Security Screeners: USERRA Rights

Filed in News on September 28, 2012 Comments

Under legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in August of 2012, the protections already afforded to most federal employees by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act will now be extended to TSA security screeners and supervisory security screeners.

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Your Best Benefit? Ability to Keep FEHB in Retirement

Filed in News on September 27, 2012 Comments

As a federal employee, you have a number of great benefits. There is one that is often taken for granted but the author says it is actually your greatest benefit as a federal employee.

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Romney Leads in Reader Survey

Filed in News on September 25, 2012 Comments

Readers were given the chance to express their preference in the presidential race. Here are the results and a few representative comments.

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Going Above and Beyond

Filed in News on September 25, 2012 Comments

Because of the resourceful actions of Blythe, CA, Letter Carrier Jon Escher, a package containing items for the burial of a WWII Navy veteran made it to next of kin despite a shipping mix up.

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Working With the Diverse Interests of the Federal Community

Filed in News on September 24, 2012 Comments

Most small businesses fail in the first 10 years. We are grateful to our readers for helping the website and newsletter to survive and for passing along the information to their colleagues.

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The Best Annuity: FERS or CSRS?

Filed in News on September 22, 2012 Comments

The author says that evaluating retirement systems to determine which one is “better” is difficult, but he says that the annuity is the key element.

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Government Should Level With Public About Social Security Trust Fund

Filed in News on September 21, 2012 Comments

The author says that the Social Security Trust fund is empty and has been for the past 30 years, but the public has been deliberately mislead to believe that the funds are still in place.

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