45-Year Mission of Service

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Sixty-eight-year-old Mission Hills Letter Carrier Richard Bundy has worked for the Postal Service for more than 45—on his current walk-out route for the past 32 years.

When he left the Navy in 1966, there were no jobs in Bundy’s home­town, Yuma, AZ. His sister lived in Bakersfield, CA, and he decided to move there. The Postal Service was hir­ing. He was hired as a Special Delivery Messenger in 1967-1978. He came to Mission Hills in 1978 and in 1980, he was awarded his current route.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, but the work stays the same. We have the same goals—great service,” Bundy said. “A lot of the old-timers on my route tell me that I’m the best mail­man they ever had. Its good to know that people care.”

Bundy was interviewed this past summer by CBS Channel 2 News as he walked the sweltering hot streets delivering mail. They wanted to know how he coped with extreme heat while delivering mail. “I don’t really think much about it,” Bundy said. “I enjoy working outside and I enjoy interacting with my customers. I’ve been riding a bike to work for 10 years and so I’m in good shape. The heat doesn’t bother me and neither does the hard work.”

“He is always at work, always on time and is the most respected carrier in the building,” said Mission Hills Postmaster Tom Ludovico.

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