Federal Employees Gave Generously to Obama Campaign

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The Center for Responsive Politics has released a report outlining the top contributors to both the Obama and Romney campaigns in 2012.

Federal government entities were three of the top ten entities contributing to President Obama’s reelection campaign. The US Government came in 4th place on the list of Obama donors with $627,628 in contributions. Employees from two government agencies also made the list: the US Department of State ($308,926) and the Department of Justice ($300,455). These three line items collectively represent $1,237,009 in total campaign contributions.

The three donors that came in first, second, and third place on the list were University of California with $1,092,906, Microsoft with $761,343, and Google with $737,055, respectively.

The web site notes that the organizations themselves didn’t donate, but rather the money came from the PACs of the individual members, employees, owners and the individuals’ immediate families.

It was widely reported in the days leading up to the election that federal employee unions were actively supporting the president in his reelection campaign, and the figures in this report certainly confirm that.

Who were the top Romney contributors? The top five listed on the OpenSecrets.org web site are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse Group.

The web site also lists which states gave the most money to each candidate’s campaign as well as the top business sectors and industries contributing.

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  1. Angela says:

    People sure were excited about Obama at my workplace. The unions were pushing him big time too. I’m not sure what he’s done for us FEDS exactly. We’re mostly GS4-GS7 and haven’t had a pay raise in 3 years due to the freeze. Is this the part where I’m supposed to applaud Obama? I mean, we’re making under $40,000–aren’t we supposed to be the ones he’s helping so much? One of the first things he did was offer up my salary–sure didn’t get my vote. 

  2. Ross200 says:

    Of the ten states with the highest level of educational achievement, nine went for President Obama. Mitt Romney carried the “dumb states” which are generally in the South. Mitt Romney is the President of the Confederacy. Can anyone educate me on why so many Southerners are so dumb ?  

    • Loyd Potter says:

      dennisc200,  You need to look at the election map and break it down by county.  The states that you think are blue are only blue because of small areas (large cities with moochers with their hands out for our money).  Most of the blue states are really red in area.

      • Ross200 says:

        Congratulations Loyd, yours is one of the more dumber posts by right wing Republicans on this blog this year. The election is about people and how they vote, not land area, duh.  Romney carried the overwhelming majority of counties in this country, but he failed to carry the counties with the most people.

        • Loyd Potter says:

          Thanks for agreeing  with me and making my point. (Large cities with moochers with their hands out for our money!!!)

    • guestwo says:

      As opposed to the smart states like CA, Il, NY which are almost bankrupt!!!

  3. lauragaretta says:

    I am proud to say that this is the first time I have ever donated to a campaign, the Romney campaign.  I saw Romney has the only hope of fixing the terrible mess we are in.  Either Obama is over his head, or he doesn’t care…I don’t know which.  I am also very proud to say I am not a member of a union.  I had an opportunity to join a fed employee union, but chose not to join when I learned they saved the job of one of my lazy co-workers.  Because of that we all had more work to do.  As far as I’m concerned, unions are the scourge of the earth.

  4. Guest7474 says:

    …gave generously…that’s just priceless.  All of us are about to give, give, give and give some more.  Got the keep the welfare addicts & moocher class in obamaphones, plasma screens & top-shelf whiskey.   Ready to open your wallets?  By the way…gasoline will be $6.50/gallon in 24-months.  You dims voted…live with it.

    • $31427826 says:

       Actually Romney/Ryan screwed up there chances aligning with the tea party and screwing federal workers.  Now you can live with it baby!

      • Soonershooter says:

        @creatland—-no, it doesnt work like that, many of us voted between the lesser of two evils, and romney would have at least slowed down spending, and we all will live with it, baby.  Hope the unwashed masses dont visit your mcmansion during nappy time.

        • $31427826 says:

          Slowed down spending, with a 5 trillion dollar tax cut geared toward the upper class?  Slowed down spending by increasing the military budget 2 trillion?  You have some funny math.  Hey, I don’t love Obama, but the top 1% got 90% of the tax cut. I too voted for the lesser of 2 evils, Romney, but very reluctantly. He was not impressive. Neither is Obama, but that is what we have. Romney could have won but by his anti federal employee attacks and tax policy he alienated many people.

  5. steve5656546346 says:

    We have now passed the tipping point, and we will become Greece…and then worse…  We had little hope of fiscal solvency with Romney:  now we have none.  Nothing to debate about  here:  the math makes any other scenario literally impossible.


    • $31427826 says:

       At least the middle class will get some, whereas under Romney the top 1% would get it all.  Let’s face it, Congress needs to get together to compromise on both spending cuts and increased revenue, no brainer there.

      • LisaT says:

         The middle class will get nothing but tax increases. Go read the Affordable Care Act aka owebamacare. I read all 2700 pages. You obviously don’t have a clue.