Update on State Secession Movement – Will It Work?

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FedSmith.com recently linked to a story on the Daily Caller’s web site which said that a flurry of petitions have been submitted to the “We the People” petition system on the White House’s web site since the election. The petitions are from residents in a number of states requesting that they be granted the right to peacefully secede from the union and form their own governments.

As of the time of this writing, a total of 38 states had submitted petitions for secession. Some of these petitions have garnered the minimum 25,000 signatures which are needed to trigger an automatic review and response from the White House.

Also at the time of this writing, the following petitions had achieved the required 25,000 signatures to trigger the review:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

What exactly does this mean? According to the White House’s web site:

The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We the People provides a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. We created We the People because we want to hear from you. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.

Does this mean these states will now secede? Doubtful. Getting the required number of signatures triggers a review and official response from White House staff. A response from the White House isn’t quite on par with a Constitutional convention, and my guess is the former will not carry enough weight to have any real effect. I don’t pretend to be a Constitutional scholar, but it just seems unlikely that an online petition is going to singlehandedly restructure our government.

William Peace University political science Professor David McLennan offered this analysis of the situation:

I think what this reflects is a long standing tradition in the United States of people just getting emotionally involved in politics and when things don’t go their way they express it with technology: online petitions, blogs, Twitter. People now express it more openly and more people see this expression. The historian Richard Hofstadter in the 1950s wrote a very influential article called The Paranoid Style in American Politicsand he basically said that what separates the United States’ political history from other countries around the world is that there is sort of this little suspicion that when Democrats are out of power they believe that Republicans are conspiring against them and the country is going in the wrong direction and vice versa. His point was it has always been expressed very loudly, it’s just that we didn’t hear about it because there wasn’t technology back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s to hear about it.

I was telling my class that this is not like the 1850s when the last time secession actually worked and we had a civil war as a result of it. People do care about their politics in the United States. Sometimes that concern isn’t always expressed rationally. Is it legitimate that they go on the White House web site and sign the secession petition? Absolutely. That is a sign of bitterness and frustration and the president has said he will respond when states get to a certain threshold. But I at least applaud the president for acknowleding that people may not be happy with the outcome of the election, but he is simply going to try to allow them the forum for expressing that frustration and he’s going to try to respond to it.

States which have submitted petitions but not yet received the required 25,000 signatures are:

Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Delaware
Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kentucky
Maine Massachusetts Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina Utah
Virginia Washington West Virginia

Responses to the Petitions

Other petitions have appeared on the White House web site in response to the individual states’ secession petitions.

One petition requests that all states be forced to pay their portion of the national debt before being allowed to secede. It says, in part, “Residents of all states who wish to secede from the union should be required to take their own advice about ‘personal responsibility’, and pay their share of the national debt before being released to fend for themselves. This debt must be paid in full, or they cannot leave.”

Another petition asks that the states requesting to secede be allowed to do so and form their own new nation together. It cites the Declaration of Independence, reading in part, “…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government…”

Another petition offered a more hostile response. It asks that the citizenship of every citizen who signed a secession petition be stripped and reads, “Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported.”

While it seems unlikely that these states will actually secede, the flurry of petitions that have been submitted and the growing number of signatures they are getting does indicate that the movement is one that appears to be at least garnering some attention. But it is probably not going to turn into much more than an expression of frustration from individuals on both sides of the political isle.

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  1. INFOSEC says:

    Like Me G, I spent 22yrs service in the USAF, however I certainly disagree with the entire concept of US state session.It seems to be an attempt at a return to the Confederate (at least political) war between the states.  Lincoln is likely turning over in his grave.  The whole concept seems to me to have more than a hint of cowardice.

    • Tommycontact1 says:

       As does the entire Bengazi affair…….. Glad you were not there or you would no longer be amongst us. Cowardice is exactly what comes to my mind concerning that event and ongoing coverup.

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       What is more than a “hint” of cowardice is the entire Bengazi affair including the coverup! In listening to Hillary try and explain why our US Ambassador and other brave men were allowed to be murdered before the States Dept. very eyes for political reasons I can’t help but feel ashamed of my country and what we have become. Hope-Change-Transparency?

  2. Wildwood 4 U says:

    I can’t reply to Grandbunny as the reply button has disappeared….. The 10 digit TIN # that ILLEGALS apply for and get is to file and receive benefits since they as a whole are below the tax line to PAY taxes. What they do is claim the Earned Income Tax Credit-Child Tax Credit-Additional Child Tax Credit for all the kids we paid to have born in our hospitals AND accept food stamps/Medicaid/and on and on.

  3. mystate2 says:

    It is ok we can just wait for the next tsunami that hits the U.S. coast, all
    states with an ocean beach will be washed away as happened in Indonesia,
    those are where the most defiant liberals live anyway.   Conservatives in those locations should move inland.

  4. Starzr4ever says:

    When I initially heard about this issue, I thought that it was a joke. But after reading the many articles related to this selfish act, I want to say to those states…”Good ridden!” And as a parting gift from this great Union, the Federal Government should penalize each state and force them to pay their fair share of the national debt, plus interest before parting! And to add insult to injuries, the monies have to be paid in cash the day of succeeding from the Union. No exceptions! Otherwise, they are stuck with the major until their portion of the debt is paid in full.
    With all my years on the face of this planet, I have learned that a house divided cannot stand. Therefore, allow them to go their separate ways and see how long they will survive. This nation only became great by working together, and any deviation from this basic principle will only set us back another 100 years.

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       OK, that may be viable but only if the entire national debt plus interest is paid in  cash by all 50 states ( I don’t understand the penalty though? ) as if that is remotely possible….. why not allow us to extend/promise/ to pay as the blue states are doing? After all, we didn’t accrue that debt alone …

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       On second thought how about we pay what you are asking by printing Confederate money backed by a promise from China to cover the paper……I am certain they would be happy to comply. Hey, we could call it a “stimulus” and “jump start” then  blame it on Bush/prior administrations/global warming/Arab Spring/ ect….

  5. Nanonano says:

    The issue here isn’t federal spending.  More and more people are being left out, jobs that will support a family are being eliminated.  People are being forced to work for less and less, while the price of living is sky rocketing.  It’s not the government  that people want out from under, but the people who own the government.  They’ve pushed too hard and the people are starting to collectively grumble.

    That a private group of bankers just printed trillions of dollars, and then gave it to our government for a promise that we the people will  pay it back and more is just crazy.  Yea people are being emotional alright, “Love the country of leave it”!  How about,  “get your hand out of my kid’s, kid’s, kid’s pocket”!

    A million seconds is approximately 11.50 days in terms of something we can understand.
    A billion seconds is approximately 33 years in the same terms.
    A trillion seconds is approximately 33,171 years in the same terms.

    We owe how much! 

    The national deficit is not the same thing as the national debt.  The deficit is how much we are spending pushing us deeper into debt each year.  At this point even $1.00 of more debt is totally unacceptable.  Even if we balanced the budget we would continue to crawl deeper and deeper into the well of no return due to interest.

    It is ignorance that I hate.  Facts are facts.  Obama was originally voted into office because he promised, change, transparency, a better health care plan, and to get us out of war.  What happened?

    In the words of the great prophet Bob Marley, “Who pissed off the people”?

    One way to get rid of the debt is to eliminate the government, another way would be to eliminate the debt holders, or how about we just do away with the current monetary system?  From my point of view those are our only really viable options.  We have honestly lost the ability to actually pay it off.

    My father used to say son, you could take all the money in the world and divide it up evenly between all the people in the world, and the majority of the people who have all the money right now, would just end up with it again.  I say divide it every 20 years.

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       Finally, an intelligent response to the disillusioned people who can’t understand the definition of the word budget. I have long considered the crazed notion that they actually wish to crumble this nation by their very own actions. Maybe there will be no need to secede because at the present rate we are self destructing and thus we can rebuild.

  6. RedRacer1999 says:

    If you don’t want to be in the US of A, don’t let the border gate hit your rear end on the way out.  You don’t even need permission to leave, just go.

  7. Keeping It Real says:

    Guess they plan to revoke their protection as well –

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       LOL Protection? Really? The only protection I want is to be protected from my own gov. who is destroying our country! BTW, the White House really did a good job of protecting our Benghazi Ambassador and 3 other US citizens. Nope,  I think we can “protect” ourselves same as Israel is doing now…….

  8. Sam says:

    If you are serious about secession, you must read The Secession Amendment.  It is available on Amazon as an ebook.  Gives all the steps necessary for legal secession

  9. Dean says:

    If you are seriously interested in secession, you must read The Secession Amendment.  It is available on Amazon as an ebook.  Signing a petition is only a protest.  This tells you how to accomplish it.

  10. Wildwood 4 U says:

     All the bloggers here who say anyone who wishes to peacefully secede need to be shot are forgetting to add that the victims would be unarmed.

  11. sb says:

    None of this matters.

    As long as Obama pays for my $3000/year of condoms, my daughter’s free and unlimited abortions, and I get a free colon preventive examination each year from my health insurance provider…this a great country.

    Our founding fathers would be so proud of what we have become.

    • AnotherGuessed says:

      You don’t need a colon exam… have you seen those helmet-mounted video cameras? Wear one for a day or two, and then send the video to your doctor….

      • Wildwood 4 U says:

         So now you have resorted to insulting someone who’s opinions differs from yours ?

        • anotherguessed says:

          “sb” enjoys being insulted. I, at least, assume this is the case, since he (she?) has no problem doling out the insults like a pedophile handing out lollipops on Halloween. Just have a look at his posts regarding Sandra Fluke, a person he has probably never met, and therefore has no direct knowledge of,  other than the crap he hears from Limbaugh. He can deal it out, I’m sure he can take it.

          • WILDWOOD 4 U says:

            SO MUCH FOR FREE SPEECH……ANOTHER RIGHT RIGHT PAID FOR IN BLOOD/GUTS  GONE…… the wall street protesters must not have to work as I do, I wonder how they get by …..U EVER WONDER THAT MISTER?

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       Don’t forget the Obama Phone too!

  12. JacMar5362 says:

    Question: Would all of these be Southern states?    Are we going back to Lincoln who “freed the slaves”, but who made the most overlooked statement that in order to save the Union, he would free “none of the slaves, part of the slaves, or all of the slaves.  He may not have likely slavery, but saving the  Union was his top priority.   I hope the signers of these petitions are not putting another President in jeopardy. Neither a white President nor a Black President would want to go down in history as the Chief when certain States decided to secede from the Union, especially when it is racially ( the States) inclined.  This country is alive and well because of the make up of its races.   Everyone here has ancestry that came from somewhere else.   America wouldn’t be America without the races.  Let’s get real.  That is was a free vote is all about.  If you don’t like it change it, but don’t tear down the wall because you don’t like the color. 

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       Thanks for remembering that Lincoln indeed said that regarding saving the Union…… I first knew of it from the historian Shelby Foote in watching the series ” The Civil War ” by Ken Burns. In any case, this sounds like a veiled attempt at playing the race card. I voted for Mitt Romney but would have preferred (and voted for ) Herman Cain and I am a lifelong white  Southerner, so please don’t imply that the petition has anything to do with the President being black. Lincoln also said that ” As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.” Many in this country now feel enslaved by our present government and are simply asking to peacefully withdraw as a state/republic which we were upon joining the Union. Honestly, does anyone think that any state in the Union would have opted to join if it thought it could not leave? As we let the handful of densely populated states decide the outcome of the last 2 elections by vote shouldn’t it stand to reason that IF a state voted a majority to leave that union then it should be allowed? Why would the handful of Blue states even care? According to many of the blogs I read here the Blues say the Reds are takers ….so why would they not applaud our departure? Must be something they aren’t saying……

  13. 3VA_Granny7 says:

    I wonder how many of the people signing these petitions really have considered what they are doing or if they just think it is the popular thing to do these days. Sadly, my state of residency, Virginia, and my state of birth, West Virginia, are both on the list. How long would these states actually be able to exist alone without any Federal funding or services? West Virginia and Virginia are both struggling to meet their budgets as it is.

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       Arkansas is also on the list and is the only state with a 100% balanced budget. Of course we live within our means which appears to be a thing of the past. The current Washington Administration reminds me of when my youngest son and my wife went shopping and he wanted something…..I can’t even remember what it was but my wife told him we would have to wait and maybe buy it later as we didn’t have the money now…….his 3 year old reply was ” just write a check Mommy “  Maybe he should have run as President and just wrote checks and sang Kumba Ya as our current President does. My God has everyone lost their minds?

      • 3VA_Granny7 says:

        Ahhh, the wisdom of a 3-year-old. I can recall hearing the same thing from my young grandchildren: “You have checks, just write one.” They didn’t realize you have to have money in the account to cover the check. I am all for having a balanced budget. I truly believe each state and the federal governments should have a mandate to have a balanced budget. How long has the federal government been printing money with nothing to back it up and borrowing many millions each year to meet its obligations? Is this something that just happened in the last 4 years? I hardly think so. Years ago President Lincoln made the statement: A house divided against itself cannot stand. Because of states wanting to secede we fought a bloody battle. For that reason, I am concerned about the future of the United States of America. Would we be better off if the federal government was dissolved and each state governor became president of his/her state? Are folks really thinking through what they are doing? Can you answer these questions, Wildwood 4 U?

  14. jimijr says:

    See conchrepublic.com  We seceded where others failed!

  15. tag1555 says:

    This is a long but interesting and reasoned thread from 2011 about whether secession is treasonous (or not):
    There isn’t a clear-cut answer, but one interpretation is that as long as the secession is non-violent – if violent, it becomes a rebellion or insurrection – it may actually be constitutional, but would need at the least a majority of other states to accept the secession (and it may need to have unanimous agreement).  However, Texas vs. White (1869) ruled that a state may not secede unilaterally, and that the Union is “perpetual” starting with the Articles of Confederation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T

  16. AKFed says:

    ROFLMAO! Why didn’t I think of secession as George Bush and his cronies depleted the budget surplus and systematically destroyed the economy of our country? BTW, wasn’t he from Texas?

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       LOL no more twinkies for you……….if you say 16 trillion dollars over and over it doesn’t sound like so much. FYI Obama has spent big time more money ( printed/borrowed from China ) than Bush according to
      figures  per the OMB and CBOE ( Obama own White House accountant figures ). Learn to speak Chinese and Spanish my friend ” the times are a changing. “

    • Wildwood 4 U says:

       You and your kind did!!!!!!!!!!! 2004 http://www.salon.com/2004/11/1… but didn’t word it as nicely…….. %^^&%%& the South was the logo

  17. bungicord says:

    There are only a couple of states (Texas being one) that are economically diverse enough to go it alone. Most of the states are dependent to the extreme on the federal government to supply their entitlement monies. They have created a path to slavery that cannot be stopped. The final nail in the coffin will be the foolish “tax the rich” scheme. When the rich pack up their money (legally earned by the way) and leave for the caribbean there will be no one left to create jobs and pay the tax necessary to support the state created needy.
    Congress who controls spending has, due to political whoredom spent us into this mess, now is going to tax us more to pay for their fiscal illiteracy.  Well boys we aint that stupid. Those who could turn this thing around aren’t gonna play anymore.  

  18. AnotherGuessed says:

    One day “Wah-Hoo!”, the next “Boo-Hoo”,
    Obama won, what will we do?
    We cannot flee, we cannot sue.
    Let’s hold our breath ’til we turn BLUE!

  19. HadEnuf says:

    It isn’t the states that want to secede; these are not official State petitions.  These are whackadoodle individuals, trolling for all the “patriots” they can find to join them.  Good luck with that!

    • grannybunny says:

      I live in one of those states — Texas — governed by a whackadoodle Governor (who 2 years ago endorsed secession) and an equally wacky AG who spends all his time (and our money) suing the FED.  The people who want to secede need to just — in the words of one of their heroes — “self-deport.”

      • Ross200 says:

        grannybunny, you live in Texas so you will be able to vote against George P Bush in 2014, I envy you. I heard that this 36 year old has had many brushes with the law and other ethical lapses.  I hope Texas defeats this guy, and puts an end to his career.  The Bushes have done enough damage to the country. 

        • grannybunny says:

          I don’t know much about him, but read that he is wavering between running for Agricultural Commissioner or Comptroller, both of which are state-wide positions.  If he wins the Republican nomination, he is likely to win election, since Texas is such a strong Red state.

        • guestwo says:

          And the lies have started already.  I heard that this 36 year old has had many brushes with the law and other ethical lapses.

      • sb says:

         those people pay your salary, honey bunch.  kisses and love to you!

        • grannybunny says:

          Actually, they are the same people trying to eliminate government employees — dishonestly, since it’s frequently in the context of running for government office – and/or cut our pay/benefits.  We would probably all be better off without them!  🙂

  20. TimbreTim says:

    I’ve been a Texas resident since birth, under a 48-star United States flag no less.  The Texas flag is also beautiful and noble.  However, the arguments involving state nullification and state secession were settled in 1865.         

    • sb says:

      Wrong.  There’s been no amendment to the US Constitution that forbids a state to secede.

      • TimbreTim says:

         So you are saying the words of people mean more than the blood of people?  And by the way, there’s been no amendment to the US Constitution that forbids a state to call itself a Tonka truck.

      • grannybunny says:

        There doesn’t need to be an amendment to the Constitution to that effect; the Constitution itself creates the bond.

        • sb says:

           the Constitution provides venues for secession. It may not be a good idea, or relevant, but that is the fact.

          • grannybunny says:

            Really, what Article and section of the Constitution does that?

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             Have you even bothered to read the 1 page petition for secession? It cites the references you want to read.

          • grannybunny says:

            No, life’s too short.  What articles and sections of the Constitution does it claim “provide venues for secession?”

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             If life is too short for you to research an issue before you make and voice an opinion then I assume no amount of evidence would impress you as your mind is already made up. Most Americans, are  happily acquiesce to the U.S. government’s steady theft of their rights and property via unlawful statutes, programs,money, and activities. BTW,
            a little-known fact of the Constitution is that two of the largest states — Virginia and New York — made the right to withdraw from the union explicit in their acceptance of the Constitution. New York? LOL 
            Declaration of Independence: “‘Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government.’” BTW, the states petitions to secede (now over 40 states ) are short,concise, primarily 1 page documents as opposed to the over 2500 page Obama Health Care Bill rammed down our throats unconstitutionally before anyone could even read/understand it. I can personally tell you that my insurance rates just went up for my company big time across the board with my own deductible rising from $3k to $5k and no one including me have even visited a doctor/hospital in years…….This with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Ins. Additionally, I have insight into this new health care reform since my wife is a Hospice RN and let me tell you we as a people have no idea of what we are in for when/if we get old.

          • grannybunny says:

            You’re quoting from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.  Hey, all of our healthcare costs are going up — exponentially – that’s why we need healthcare reform.  However, it’s premature to blame that on Obamacare, which — by and large — hasn’t gone into effect yet.

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             I give up………you have no idea what you are talking about. Obamacare has gone into effect partially at least. #1 try and drop your present insurance for yourself or a dependent  without proving you have already replaced it ( I did try this and must quit my job to drop ins. unless I can prove I have replacement ins. in force! ) On the other hand, if I was a bum, or a ILLEGAL immigrant ( obviously with no ins. ) and showed up at the hospital …no problem..they will take care of me and even deliver my wife’s (?) baby. So……. who is paying for all this? Me and the producers of this country – and we have no choice in the matter. Also, since when is a 25 year old considered a dependent……I had a job/car/owned my own home/wife and child/ins./boat @ age 22 and worked paying jobs since I could mow yards with my Granddaddy’s mower at age 8 ( had the lucrative contract of mowing lawns for a 2 block radius for most of the elderly neighbors ( they got theirs mowed for free ) and folks who had to work )-picked cotton-sacked groceries-threw newspapers before and after school-ect. and never thought nothing about it. I thought that’s what we all were supposed to do….work – not ask my parents for a hand out. New world order and I for one find it very strange and disgusting.

  21. sb says:

    While it’s not likely, if it happened, the red states would leave.  The blue states would be left in their current economic shambles of taxation, borrowing and spending.

    The fact is, if it were to happen, the majority of the producers of the USA (who are paying 80% of all income taxes) would leave, as would most of those in the military and law enforcement. 

    The remaining parts of the country would be the takers — left to pay the debts.

    So while it’s for now only an interesting spectacle, it should be noted that this country is on the brink of collapse.  And the ones who are earning their keep, and paying the bills actually have the talents and resources to secede, and could.  The rest of the country are people who are left with their delusional promises of government hand-outs which were previously paid for by those who left.

    • tommycontact1 says:

       Exactly SB!!!!!!!!!!! You failed to mention though that the blue states would starve both from lack of resources but primarily from laziness.

    • PublicCitiZen says:

      Dude, it’s never gonna happen.

      But if it did, the Red States would then have to support themselves instead of relying on federal welfare.  The majority of Red States get far more back in federal tax dollars than they pay in.  Those of us in the Blue States will happily take our money back.

      • sb says:

        the red states have the will and work ethic, and would be glad to forfeit the bankrupt voters in blue states which want more taxes, and more govt. handouts.  Plus, the red voters in the blue states would migrate in mass to the seceding states. 

        The fact is, the producers in our economy are mostly red voters. While you are right “Dude, it’s never gonna happen”, the reality if it did, your side collapses as the believers of debt and takers — the rest of us move on with what the founding fathers designed the USA to be.

      • Wildwood 4 U says:

         If you believe what you are saying then you have no problem with peaceful secession of a red state. Is that not correct? I am a resident of Arkansas and we owe nothing to anyone……. fact is we are the only state with a 0$ budget shortfall and we have a state mandated budget law with no exceptions. Appears to me maybe there is something to learn here. BTW you don’t care if we secede do you?

        • PublicCitiZen says:

          You post as if you have a super majority of people who want to secede, rather than a relative handful of crackpots.

          Arkansas recieves $1.41 for every $1.00 paid in federal taxes. Balance your budget after taking a 41% cut in federal funds, and let me know what you have left.

          Secession as an option was decided by the civil war. If you don’t want to be a part of the U.S. , you as a citizen are free to leave. And then you are free to come back if we elect a president more to your liking.

          But please don’t pretend you have any higher motives than being a sore loser.

          • WILDWOOD 4 U says:

            Answer the question……………….are you opposed to our sustaining ourselves? Otherwise, you and yours sound like  _ “ahh – well – we will get to the bottom of this  (when? ) Open your eyes …. I only wish that all like minded people such as yourself  would write a check ( as all the movie stars/musicians -Nancy -Harry – would as well as move with the same folks they say they wish to help ! ) BTW notice they don’t live there ….they use them dyuh

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             Wrong! It’s $1.08 for Arkansas and $.96 for Texas and you can keep the change.

          • PublicCitiZen says:

            Nope. It’s $1.41 for Arkansas.

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             You are correct and I am wrong after researching the matter just now……… I was referencing an old table. But in all fairness the blue state of New Mexico is well over $2.

          • PublicCitiZen says:

            No worries. 

            But I’m fairly certain the horse is dead.

            I think we can stop beating it….

    • sb says:

      the red states also have most of the natural resources, water rights, agriculture, and the most critically important sea ports for international trade. And most of them are contiguous.  The “leaning red” states provide even more. 

      Again, no one is saying this is going to happen.  But the facts are what they are if it did.  Your blue states are run by morons like Jerry Brown — where every business person is leaving to a red state to avoid his confiscatory taxation.

      And, the red states have gun owners.  And they know when and how to use them.

      You libtards have Nancy Pelosi to protect you. or DiFi.  John (gold digger( Kerry) Or that quack Joe Biden.  None of them have a clue. Most of them married into the very wealthy they now despise.

  22. tommycontact1 says:

    I don’t love it and I do want out , that’s the reason for the petition. As for keeping OUR Federal money ….keep it …. it’s ours not Washington’s! The Feds have always used OUR money as a carrot in front of the donkeys head to get us to comply. I have never once drew a food stamp,unemployment/welfare check,nor was I asked if they could TAKE money from my paycheck (ie SSI ) and dole it back to me as they see fit in my old age. I have picked cotton-washed dishes-cut broom corn-threw newspapers morn and eve during school-bagged groceries-……….ect since age 12 AND payed taxes doing so. Keep all Federal personnel that choose to leave ( you might be surprised who stays ) – keep the debt I didn’t ask for it nor am I responsible for it ( also keep my share of GM stock I didn’t ask for ). Louisiana could give a %**^^ about FEMA and the Feds so called help – ask also the NJ folks about all the good things they have gotten due to Sandy. Our gov. can’t deliver the mail efficiently ( UPS/FED_EX beats them big time) or build roads economically, tax us FAIRLY, ect. Bottom line – less is more regarding Federal gov. Lastly, we have a president who hides behind women’s skirts, shoves his agenda down our throats,and overall is as big a failure to this country as one could get. I suspect Me G is not a country boy who was raised to work hard and not look to others to take care of himself and his family w/o a check/hand out from the gov. even though I praise his service to this country I too have paid my share in that regard including losing my Dad and Grandad in defunct VA Hospitals who abuse our GI’s beyond words. Yes, I signed the petition and am asking everyone I know to join us….may the good Lord help all of us.

  23. Get over it says:

    I say go ahead and leave. I follow the love it or leave it motto. I spent 22 years serving this country in the USAF. If you want to get out, get out. If the state wants out, so be it. The federal government should then take away all federal funding, all federal programs, all Federal employees, and all federal military personnel and equipment. The states that leave should also have to pay their fair share of the country’s debt.  Texas would be Mexico property in a year, Louisiana would be a hurricane away from Armageddon. The rest of the states would very soon not be any better off. Take it from someone who has been in other countries, allies and enemies, America is still the best there is.

    • LikeBuffaloWingsALittleTooMuch says:

      How about the “I love it, and you’re screwing it up, so YOU leave it” possibility?

      • Laura Bowie says:

        How come the folks that profess their undying patriotism to the USA are the first to call for succession? Really shows that they are not honest about their oath to the Country. Just a bunch of treasonous traitors. In the military service they use to be shot at dawn.

        • sb says:

          you apparently know nothing about the US military and their values. They are with us, not you.

          • AnotherGuessed says:

            Thank you for speaking for the military. While I’ve got you here, maybe you can tell us how God feels about this?

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             Are you including the past Ambassador to Benghazi along with the other 3 brave producers who were left/abandoned by the ” White House ” ( you know who left them whether he admits it or not ) among those who proudly defended our country? It defies logic how Democrats can see/hear what they want to…….. I for one am tired of a handful of densely populated states who have agendas that range from handouts – homosexual-ism – abortion – anti Christianity – government dependency – etc – dictating to me that my traditional Judea Christian upbringing and way of life are a thing of the past. I say mam and sir to my elders as do my children and will continue to celebrate Christmas as well as fight for our right for the pursuit of happiness………Wonder how Jesus feels about all this ” hope and change .” Also, how is all the new ” clear and transparent” way of government working for you? We espouse to the world that we as a people have the correct idea of how a  free and democratic  government should operate and yet our government  can’t even balance a budget/deliver the mail/ and adhere to our own Constitution ( Obama-care ). Happy Thanksgiving to all.

          • 3VA_Granny7 says:

            So are you saying the US military is ready to overthrow the government and put us under martial law like is going on in other nations accross the oceans?

          • Steve says:

             If the US military possessed any moral values, as soon as they figured out that Bush and his evil, lying neo-cons had lied them into an illegal and unnecessary war based on fabricated evidence and exaggerated threats which never existed, they would have resigned or gotten out of the military.   But they didn’t.   What they did do is shrug their shoulders, say no big deal, click their heels and obediently ask ‘Who do you want me to kill, Next, Mr. Bush?”

            Face the reality, SB.   Our ‘volunteer’ military have proven themselves to be men without morals and without any scruples.  They are mercenaries.  Killers.  And, they clearly enjoy killing.   They care not a whit about the innocence of those who they are sent to kill.

            Our criminal rulers are planning on sending them to kill American citizens, and I would bet that less than 1% of them would disobey such an order.

        • Wildwood 4 U says:

           yes – shot shackled and unarmed……… I suppose you forgot that this country was founded by people who also took an oath to another country and were fed up!

        • Wildwood 4 U says:

           This country was founded by folks who took a oath to an oath to another country and were fed up .

          • 3VA_Granny7 says:

            No, this country was founded by folks who left their home countries in search of a better life elsewhere. The British colonies fought for independence from England because the colonies weren’t being treated the way they believed they should be. We don’t have a new world to populate, do we. And are you forgetting about all the native Americans who were murdered and exploited in order for the United States and other countries explored the frontiers and took whatever they wanted by force? But all this arguing back and forth is not going to accomplish as much as a hill of beans. What we need is to stand united and each do our part to straighten out the mess our country is in these days. Pray for our leaders as much as you criticize them and maybe more will get accomplished.

          • Wildwood 4 U says:

             We founded  this country primarily for unfair taxation and independence from a tyrannical government! Then we stole this country from the natives who lived here since the beginning of mankind.

        • Fedgirly says:

          Huh? Succession? Who said ANYTHING about SUCCESSION? But, since you have broached the subject … What is wrong with succession? Who would be against succession anyway? Most people I know like things to be orderly and rather contiguous; helps keep mayhem, chaos and other such nouns at bay. So, please enlighten me. Exactly how does ones “call for succession” (or secession, for that matter) equate to “treasonous traitor”?

        • Chris New Mexico says:

          I don’t think its that at all, I just think that you have alot of people who are very unhappy the way Washington is working or not working right now.  I know that I myself am very upset with the way our gov. acting. 

      • 3VA_Granny7 says:

        Do you have all the answers to straighten out our mess? If you do, then perhaps you should share your wisdom with congress. Those folks cannot agree whether it is day or night. Can you come up with a plan to force them to work together, compromise, and get on with the business they were elected to carry out?

        • Wildwood 4 U says:

           The Union was a creation by the states, not the other way around. The United States is a voluntary association created by the states and states have and had every right to secede. The Declaration of Independence itself provides for secession – “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

    • tommycontact1 says:

       Have you visited Texas lately? Taco stand and illegals on every corner awaiting our jobs. As for the Republic of Texas defeating Mexico …… read your history books. As for my getting out of this country as a truly naturalized citizen and son of Texas, remember the flag at Gonzales concerning the Mexican Army wanting the cannon – It proudly read ” Come and Get It .” I think the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problem in Texas would be settled in a year as you say, only not in the same light.

    • sb says:

       but did you serve to give Sandra Fluke the right to have the govt. confiscate income from her neighbors, to pay for her condoms, birth control pills, or abortions?

      I think your service to our country is worth more than that.

      • grannybunny says:

        No one fought for that so-called right, including Fluke, who was not seeking taxpayer-funded benefits of any kind, only that insurance coverage be equal, regardless of gender.

      • Snowbreath says:

        I served from 1970 to 1976 to allow the people of this great country to retain the religious freedom and personal choice we enjoy today. 

        I did not serve so a radical religious group can dictate their choices to the rest of us thereby creating a theocracy.  I did not serve so we could hand over control of our government to the plutocracy.  The people of this great land recently voted to reject a theocracy and  plutocracy.  You all made me so proud.

    • Womanphoenix says:

      Of course, the states that whine the loudest about secession are the very ones who get far more from the Federal government than they pay into it in taxes — and also the states with no middle class to speak of, just a lot of poor and poorly educated people ruled over by a tiny and largely white elite that keeps the poor whites from rising up against them by playing them against the poorer blacks and Latinos. 

      • Wildwood 4 U says:

         If what you are espousing is true ( which it isn’t ) then you have no problem with those poor illiterate states seceding? For every dollar of Federal Revenue handed back to a state I agree some receive more than they spend but you fail to recognize:
        Texas ( huge state which offsets many of the others wishing to secede ) .91
        Louisiana 1.02
        Arkansas ( the only state in the union with no budget shortfall and has %100 balanced budget w/excess )  1.08
        Utah .99
        and on and on……. ( why are 40 states wanting out? )
         Keep the change ( and the hope )

    • Steve says:

       “the federal government should then take away all federal funding…”  

      You sound exactly like the kind of brainless, heel-clicking, authority-worshiping, subservient, toe licking zombie that our Founding Fathers and our White European ancestors would have been repulsed by, dude.

      Let’s get something straight.   The money that the Federal government has is not their money.  It is our money.  We worked for it, we earned it, and we were given that money by our employers in exchange for our labor.      One hour of labor = one hour of pay.     The states that we live in are required by law to deduct taxes from our paychecks, and then they send those dollars to the Federal government and then, in your clearly twisted mind – the all mighty and increasingly dictatorial, out of control Federal Government is then able to violate the sovereignty of each of the individual states by attaching all kinds of ‘conditions’ that each state must meet in order to receive any of those tax dollars back?   

      I say, let the states collect the taxes and then keep them inside their sovereign states and apply them as they and their taxpaying residents inside those states best see fit.   Tell the feds to take a hike.

  24. AnotherGuessed says:

    Those signing the petitions should be temporarily deported  to a country like Somalia for a few months… 

  25. formerIRS says:

    This can never happen. In 1860 all the states tyhat seceded were geographically ccontiguous, and all had a similar interest. These states are mostly not contiguous and it would be nearly impossible to for a new confederacy. Also, secession or not, would there have been a Civil War if the confederacy had not attacked a U.S military base? We’ll never know. Lesson: if anyone does secede, don’t attack a U.S. military installation in your “state”.

    • sb says:

       there would be no need to attack a military installation.  The majority of those people will gladly join those seceding, as they know they are serving for a president that hates them.

      Also, the majority of the states in the protest are contiguous, and control the channels of most of the routes of current import/exports of US commerce….principally the South, the Mississippi river, the Gulf ports, etc.   The rest of the states own water rights, coal mines, oil fields and other natural resources that much of the country depends on.

      • PublicCitiZen says:

        Are you seriously arguing that secession has a realistic chance?

        And then arguing the military advantages that those states would hold?

        You lost an election….

        Try not to follow it with losing your mind…..

        • grannybunny says:

          Too late, I fear.

          • sb says:

             no one in the USA’s military history fought for Sandra Fluke’s right to force their government to confiscate the income of their fellow citizens to pay for her need of unknown boyfriends’ condoms, her birth control pills, or unlimited abortions.

            Get a clue.

          • AnotherGuessed says:

            People like you are truly God’s gift to the Democratic party! Thank you, and your buddies, for delivering the votes of millions of Independents (and, probably, some Republicans, too) to President Obama!

          • grannybunny says:

            You are correct.  There is no such right, and no one is fighting for it.

        • sb says:

          I’m not arguing that secession has a chance.  I’m just stating that if it did, the majority of the producers in society, the law enforcement, and the military would side with it.

          The rest of the folks are takers, like Sandra Fluke, who want her neighbors to pay for her  $3000/year fund  of condoms, birth control pills and unlimited abortions.

          Few, if any, small business owners, law enforcement agents, or military personnel is willing to fight for Sandra Fluke’s bizzaro view of the world if they had an option to move to a seceding state.

          • grannybunny says:

            I think you owe an apology to “the majority of the producers in society (in other words, just about everybody),… law enforcement, and the military,” the vast majority of whom are loyal Americans who would protect and defend our Country and not espouse any form of treason.