Christmas Eve Holiday Petition Now Exceeds Required 25,000 Signatures

On December 2nd, we posted an article about a petition that was filed on the White House website requesting that the president issue an executive order giving federal employees an extra holiday this year since Christmas Eve falls on Monday, December 24th. The next day, the same item was carried in various media outlets giving the petition plenty of media publicity.

Hundreds of comments have been submitted on the two articles we have run on this topic. (Update on the petition was published last week.) The most popular response (i.e., the response which received the most “like” votes from readers) was from Paula who wrote: “This is crazy. Lets just be grateful we have jobs! With an eye toward federal workers now, it’s unadvisable to ask for anything more.” Not surprisingly, there were also many responses such as this one from Ladybug Chesapeake that read: “We haven’t had a cost of  living raise in years! Yes, we deserve Christmas Eve off as an extra paid holiday.”

As of this morning, more than 25,000 people have signed the petition requesting that December 24th be made a paid holiday for federal employees. There is supposed to be an automatic review of the petition by the White House staff and a response to the petition when 25,000 people sign it. Of course, there is no guarantee there will be a response prior to December 24th or that the petition would be granted in any event.

The reason for the petition is  that federal employees do, on occasion, receive an extra day off whether the administration currently in power is Democrat or Republican. Presidents can (and often have) granted extra time off by issuing an executive order. The reason for these decisions is that it is supposed to be cost effective. Many or most federal employees are already taking these days off so the few that report it actually costs more to operate the buildings than the amount of work that will be produced on those days. Of course, many people just like having the day off with pay and, no doubt, the energy savings are not uppermost on their list of concerns as they get ready to open presents on Christmas Day and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

We will, of course, let our readers know if and when President Obama does issue an executive order giving federal employees an extra holiday or, at least, if a response is issued by the White House prior to December 24th.

In any event, we wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas, regardless of whether there is an extra holiday granted on December 24th.



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  1. Kay Herzog says:

    Thank you for the extra holiday. Also getting New Year’s eve as well will be a super great sltart to the new year. Since we alre not getting a raise any time soon, having these extra holidays will help make up for that.

  2. Chill Out says:

    Those who don’t ask, don’t receive.  There is no law in asking for an extra day off when you’re treated poorly, paid lower than the public, cut down constantly by lies, and work for an administration that has destroyed this country.  So I signed the petition, so I have annual leave to take off if I want, so what!  Thank God (and God only) for CHRISTmas and for a country where we still have freedom to speak up and ASK without condemnation. Chill Out Everyone!

  3. Harleygirl1452 says:

    I am amazed at the childish, mud-slinging, name calling crap going on here.  These are adults?  Amazing!  And, considering that this issue is regarding whether we will be granted an extra day off or not, why all the references to CT and gun control?  Not the place.  GROW UP and do your job instead of trashing each other on here!

  4. PA says:

    Everyone enjoy the holiday season – and have a Happy Healthy 2013

  5. Flyover Conservative says:

    Over 27,000 Whiners served………………  And counting….

  6. Deborrah Wilson says:

    I would like a raise too, but with our country in a financial crisis, I am happy to have a job and be able to pay my bills, buy groceries, clothes, etc.. There are a lot of our citizens that are losing their homes, going hungry and unable to feed themselves and their families at no fault of their own. We should be proud of our position and help those that have less than we do. We are all neighbors. Federal employees, of all branches and including Congress and The White House, should be more concerned with the people who are struggling than trying to get the government to give them more. We have enought holidays, let’s think of others at this time of year and quit being a selfish nation!

  7. Susan Giammarino says:

    With all that has been going on & the pay freeze we have, I think it would help ALOT of people to have Christmas Eve off. Some people have to travel, others have to prepare for company and what not. I don’t see what the problem is with having 1 extra day off!
    Frankly, I think the Federal Workers Deserve it!