Diversity in the Workforce: Petition Filed Asking President Not to Give Feds Holiday on Dec. 24th

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We have posted a couple of articles about a petition filed with the White House to give federal employees a paid holiday on December 24th (Christmas Eve). The petition has exceeded the required 25,000 signatures to receive a response from the administration. At the time of this writing, no response has been posted and there is no guarantee one will be posted before December 24th. If there is a response and an executive order is issued giving most federal workers the day off, we will let our readers know quickly. That petition has now received over 27,000 signatures.

One interesting development has occurred though. A reader wrote to FedSmith noting that he has posted a “counter-petition” asking President Obama to not give federal employees another holiday on December 24th. His petition is entitled “Permit us to use our annual leave on December 24th to be with family and friends, being thankful to have a job.” The petition is signed by Patrick C. from New York State so this petitioner is not the same person who wrote the original petition.

The sentiment he expresses in the petition is similar to one that some other readers also expressed on the FedSmith website with regard to the first petition that was filed. He writes in the petition: “Being thankful to have a job with the United States Government, serving our Army Warriors and their families, we wish to be able to use the generous amount of leave we receive as employees. We do not need to be given another holiday when so many people are looking for work.” It has received one signature since it was posted on December 18, 2012.

So, for those who strongly believe that December 24th should not be given an extra paid holiday on December 24th, you can sign the petition that would comport with your sentiments.

Regardless of your view on the issue, we wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas.

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