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Writing Is Like Sit-Ups

by Robbie Hyman |

You’re never done exercising, not permanently. You finish your workout, you go home, and tomorrow, repeat. Forever. No matter how fit you get, you’ll never stand up after a set of sit-ups and think, “Phew. Done with that. Finally, I’m in shape for the rest of my life.”

Writing is like that.

No matter how many documents you write, how many years you spend practicing, improving your craft, you can always make yourself a better writer.

That’s why the people most likely to buy books on writing… read magazine articles about writing… attend writing workshops… are talented, successful writers. They know better than anyone that there’s always something else to learn, some insight they might find to improve their writing skills.

So keep writing, and never stop working on your craft (or doing sit-ups).

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