Can Spouses Mix Their Social Security Benefits?

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Q: Can my spouse already drawing her own Social Security benefit draw 1/2 of my Social Security at my full retirement age while I continue to work and then I can draw 1/2 of her Social Security benefit (based on my Social Security). This would mean I would be getting 1/4 of my benefit without drawing Social Security while each year the benefit would increase 8% until age 70?

A: You can’t do it the way you suggest.  It’s not “and;”  it’s “or.”

You can EITHER file for your SSA at your full retirement age and voluntarily suspend your benefits until age 70. This allows your spouse to file for and receive her spouse’s benefit through you while your benefit increases 8% per year. This option prevents you from receiving benefits from your spouse as suspending your benefits is different from not being eligible for the benefits.

OR you don’t file for your SS retirement benefit at all but file a restricted application for just spouse’s benefits and receive benefit through her record. In this case, she does not receive benefits from your record until you actually file and start receiving benefits, presumably at age 70.

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