Cruz: Abolish the IRS

By on January 13, 2015 in Current Events with 43 Comments

Speaking Monday at the Heritage Action’s 2015 conservative policy summit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that it is time to abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

“We need to pass fundamental tax reform making our tax code simpler, flatter, fairer,” said Cruz. “And I’ll tell you the single most important tax reform: we should abolish the IRS.”

Cruz was essentially advocating for something like the FairTax reform plan that recently had its traditional introduction by Rob Woodall (R-GA) as the new Congress convened. Despite its ongoing introduction in the last few Congresses, the legislation has never advanced.

Cruz admitted that a flat tax or getting rid of the IRS is not a possibility while Barack Obama is president, but he did say Republicans should do what they can in the interim to move in that general direction by doing what they can to simplify the tax code.

The video above contains Cruz’s full speech, and his remarks about the IRS start at about the 22:53 mark.