Ann Vanderslice

Ann Vanderslice has been working with federal employees to help them achieve retirement success since 2002. She is a popular speaker nationally on topics of interest to federal employees such as “Choosing the Best HealthPlan for You and Your Family” and “Allocating Your Thrift Savings Plan in Volatile Markets.” Her retirement practice operates out of the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Ann Vanderslice's Latest Posts

The Tale of a BLM Icon – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore!

Filed in News by on December 29, 2015 Comments

The author recounts an interview she had with Bureau of Land Management employee Andy Senti to honor his life and career accomplishments. Senti recently passed away after completing a 60+ year career with the agency.

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Five Things to Do During a Furlough

Filed in News by on October 2, 2013 Comments

The author offers five suggestions for things federal employees can do while furloughed.

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Which Has More Impact on Retirement Income: High Five or Chained CPI?

Filed in News by on May 15, 2013 Comments

Both parties have recently proposed a “chained CPI” to calculate future changes to the COLA for calculating the cost of retirement increases. How much of an impact would this have on your future retirement?

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Wizard of Odds – Part II

Filed in News by on December 7, 2012 Comments

Some incorrect information about the I Fund in the article “Wizard of Odds” raised a number of questions when it was published earlier this week. The author offers the correct information and some clarification.

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Wizard of Odds

Filed in News by on December 4, 2012 Comments

Many federal employees may be wondering, “How do I protect my savings in the TSP and get a better return?” The author offers some likely scenarios for the near future, but cautions there are no foregone conclusions.

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The TSP Two-Step

Filed in News by on April 10, 2012 Comments

The author outlines some methods you can use to determine if the upcoming Roth TSP option is right for you and your situation.

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Magic 8 Ball 2012: Should I Retire This Year?

Filed in News by on January 5, 2012 Comments

What can federal employees expect in 2012? While no one can know for sure, the author offers some considerations you can take into account to help you be prepared for whatever the future brings.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Filed in News by on September 27, 2011 Comments

Federal employees are often being asked to do more work without any more reward. A common lament is that the work keeps piling up as more employees leave, and it just isn’t worth it if retirement benefits are going to be re-structured, on top of it. The author offers some tips to see if retiring earlier is worth doing.

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