Robbie Hyman

Robbie Hyman is a professional communications and public affairs writer. He has 15 years’ experience writing for nonprofits, small business and multibillion-dollar international organizations.

Robbie has written thousands of pages of content, including white papers, speeches, published articles, reports, manuals, newsletters, video scripts, advertisements, technical document and other materials. He is also co-founder of, an online course that teaches smart money habits to teenagers.

Robbie is available as a freelance writer for federal agencies. Visit for more information.

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Robbie Hyman's Latest Posts

Why Writing Is Like Solving a Puzzle – And Why That’s Good News For You

Filed in News by on September 3, 2015 Comments

The author says that to many of us, writing feels linear. However, he said it should be viewed as solving a puzzle to make the writing process more creative and enjoyable.

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Got Writer’s Block? Here Are 3 Things That Work Every Time

Filed in News by on June 14, 2015 Comments

Do you ever struggle with writer’s block? The author, who writes for a living, shares some advice about methods he uses (as well as some things not to do) to help with fighting writer’s block.

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Are You Drowning in a Teaspoon of Water?

Filed in News by on March 17, 2015 Comments

Don’t get so stuck on a tiny, trivial issue that you can’t move onto the things that matter.

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When You Aren’t Sure Whether or Not to Ask the Question… Ask the Question

Filed in News by on February 26, 2015 Comments

We’ve all learned that if you have a question, you should ask it, because chances are at least a few other people have the same question. The author describes why this is always important, even during times in which you feel shy about asking.

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An Army Combatives Instructor Gives You 3 Tips for Living with the Warrior’s Spirit

Filed in News by on January 20, 2015 Comments

What can you learn from an Army combat instructor about leadership and advancing in your career? As the author illustrates, more than you might imagine. Here are three tips that will help you not only in your job but in your day-to-day approach to life.

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3 Reasons You Should Start That Thing You’re Putting Off (You Know the One) Right Now

Filed in News by on November 7, 2014 Comments

We all wish we had already done something great. But few of us are willing to first take on the work and risk of actually doing it. Here’s why you should.

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3 Practical Things to Keep in Mind if You Have to Give a Talk (and Would Rather Poke Yourself in the Eye)

Filed in News by on August 14, 2014 Comments

If you are going to be speaking in public, it can be an overwhelming experience. The author offers some tips on how to prepare to ensure your speech is a success.

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A Surefire Way To Summon Creative Inspiration When You Need It

Filed in News by on May 18, 2014 Comments

Ever faced an overwhelming task and didn’t know how to start? Don’t worry – this trick works every time.

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