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Reintroducing Myself – To Me

A retired federal employee who was a regular contributor to FedSmith, recounts his fight with cancer in his final articles. Steve passed away on December 22, 2013 after a long fight with the serious illness he described in his articles.

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Telework: Is the End in Sight?

The author discusses the Telework Enhancement Act and says that he believes it has made significant progress towards enhancing telework in government across three key areas.

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The Empire Strikes Back: Fighting Recurrent Kidney Cancer author Steve Oppermann recently found himself facing a frightening and painful series of life events in a second battle with cancer. In his second article about the experience, he shares his personal story in the hope that it will be an inspiration to others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

About Steve Oppermann

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Steve Oppermann completed his Federal career on March 31, 1997, after more than 26 years of service, virtually all in human resources management. Steve rose from a basic personnel management trainee at Fort Riley, Kansas, to Regional Director of Personnel for General Services Administration (GSA) in Denver in less than 10 years.

In the latter position, he managed, through four subordinate supervisors, the functions of position classification, position management and pay administration; external recruitment and internal placement, including administration of the agency's Merit Promotion Plan; labor relations, including contract negotiations and day-to-day contract administration with three different labor organizations with exclusive recognition; employee relations, including performance management, conduct and discipline, and benefits administration; employee development and training; affirmative action, including special emphasis programs; and personnel action processing. After moving from GSA to the National Park Service (NPS) in 1985, Steve served as Chief of Personnel Operations for nearly nine years.

In addition to 25 years as a first-, second-, and third-line supervisor and program manager, Steve gained experience in every human resources function, as well as in equal employment opportunity (EEO). He also represented agency management in a wide variety of third-party settings, and worked effectively with top agency management and with supervisors and non-supervisory employees at all levels of the organization.

In 1993, Steve won a Congressional Fellowship sponsored by the American Political Science Association, spending from November of 1993 through October of 1994 working as a Legislative Assistant in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii. He spent the last 2 ½ years of his Federal career serving as a senior consultant to the NPS on the most complex third-party cases in employee relations and EEO.

Steve passed away after a battle with cancer on December 22, 2013.

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