Court Cases

Federal Employee Gets $300,000 Settlement in Lawsuit

By on August 1, 2004 in Court Cases with 2 Comments

A federal employee prevailed in his EEO complaint against DHS winning over $300,000 in a jury verdict.

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Employee's Appeal of Contracting Decision Dismissed

By on February 11, 2004 in Court Cases with 0 Comments

GAO has dismissed an appeal of a federal employee on contracting out of work but notes that the issue is on procedural grounds and not a substantive ruling on the standing of a federal employee to file such an appeal.

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58 FLRA No. 200 (ACT, Wichita and NGB)

By on January 21, 2004 in Court Cases with 0 Comments

This is a negotiability appeal filed by a union regarding the forms of address to be used when bargaining team members talk to the other side during labor negotiations.

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No Blood, No Foul, No Unfair Labor Practice

Political battle arises over the creation of the Department of Homeland Security but this recent decision from the FLRA may give the Administration ammunition in its argument that the current program isn’t efficient or effective.

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