Stocks End Higher, Ebola Scare Trims Gains

October 23, 2014 5:30 PM Comments

Stocks got a major boost Thursday from a slew of strong earnings reports from companies ranging from heavy equipment maker Caterpillar (CAT) to automaker General Motors (GM).

Man Faces Felony Charges After Jumping White House Fence

October 23, 2014 8:55 AM Comments

A man arrested after jumping the White House fence on Wednesday night has been charged with three felony counts and four misdemeanors, the U.S. Secret Service said on Thursday.

Secret Service Blasted for Sending Agents to Employee’s House

October 23, 2014 8:54 AM Comments

Government investigators faulted the Secret Service on Wednesday for pulling agents from their posts near the White House and sending them to the home of an agency employee involved in a private dispute in 2011.

Transgender Federal Employee Wins Historic Discrimination Case

October 23, 2014 8:27 AM Comments

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel on Thursday plans to announce a landmark determination that the Department of the Army engaged in “frequent, pervasive and humiliating,” gender-identity discrimination against Tamara Lusardi, a veteran and civilian Army software specialist who transitioned from male to female.

Man Apprehended After Scaling White House Fence In Latest Security Breach

October 22, 2014 10:54 PM Comments

A man was apprehended after he scaled a White House fence Wednesday night, the latest security breach at a time when the Secret Service faces increased scrutiny over its ability to protect the president and his residence.

FEEA Awards $451,525 in Scholarships

October 22, 2014 2:15 PM Comments

FEEA awarded a total of $451,525 was awarded to 371 students, including 47 federal employees continuing their educations and 324 federal family members.

DHS is Dysfunctional

October 22, 2014 12:15 PM Comments

As one former sub-official observed about upper management throughout the department, “it’s like we’re in a constant mode of on-the-job training: as soon as we get one fully informed and operational, either they figure out it’s not such a good place to be in the first place, and the money is better on the outside, or they get promoted to fill the slot of some other guy who figured it out first. Then, both offices are back to doing OJT”.

Accused White House Fence Jumper To Get Mental Health Screening

October 22, 2014 8:40 AM Comments

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered a full mental competency screening for Omar Gonzalez, who is accused of jumping the White House fence, after a disputed initial examination found him not competent for trial.

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