President Nominates Patrick Pizzella to be FLRA Member

August 28, 2013 11:32 AM Comments

The Obama White House announced the nomination of Patrick Pizzella as an FLRA Member. The author asks if this will smooth the way for the confirmation of Carol Waller Pope whose nomination has been in limbo for almost a year.

Taxes and Your Roth TSP Account

August 27, 2013 7:44 PM Comments

Could funds in your Roth TSP be taxed when you withdraw them? The answer is “yes, if you are not careful.” Users Glum on Pay Raise Prospects

August 26, 2013 5:29 PM Comments

According to the results of our latest survey, a vast majority of users believe that the pay freeze will continue into 2014.

OPM Urging Telework on Wednesday, August 28

August 26, 2013 12:37 PM Comments

In anticipation of events and heavy traffic in the Washington, DC area this Wednesday, OPM is urging as many federal employees as possible to telework to help alleviate congestion on the roads.

Do Not Mess With the IRS

August 25, 2013 9:27 AM Comments

An IRS employee with tax and forgery problems is faced with removal, chooses to resign instead, and loses his appeals.

Your COLA for 2014: Higher or Lower than in 2013?

August 22, 2013 5:52 PM Comments

How much of a COLA increase will you see in 2014? How would the “chained CPI” impact this payment if it were enacted?

The Leadership Tool Most Leaders Are Scared to Use…

August 21, 2013 11:12 PM Comments

The author says that allowing yourself to sometimes be pulled instead of pushing in a direction can be a valuable skill for leaders to use.

Court Limits Federal Employee Appeal Rights in Security Cases

August 21, 2013 9:33 AM Comments

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issued an important decision limiting review of federal agency decisions on an employee’s eligibility to hold a sensitive position even when it does not involve access to classified information.

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