Court Strikes Down Labor Relations Portion of New DHS System

Filed in News by on June 28, 2006 Comments

The Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has decided that the labor relations portion of the new human resources system for DHS is not consistent with Congressional intent.

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Defining Your Personality With New Technology

Filed in News by on June 27, 2006 Comments

Adding a touch of personality to your e-mail may brighten someone’s day or provide hope and inspiration. It may also unintentionally irritate or attract unnecessary attention.

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Letter to New York Times from Treasury Secretary

Filed in News by on June 26, 2006 Comments

The decision by the New York Times to disclose the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program has created a political firestorm and possibly harmed the ability of the nation to work against terrorists. Here is a letter from the Treasury Secretary to the Times’ managing editor.

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Writing Disciplinary Charges: Get Them Right or Lose Your Case

Filed in News by on June 26, 2006 Comments

Knowing how to charge a federal employee with an offense can make the difference in winning or losing a case.

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TSP Stock Funds Hit With Losses in June

Filed in News by on June 23, 2006 Comments

TSP stock funds have not fared well in June–even after poor returns in May. Here is a quick summary of these funds.

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Documenting Discipline-Related Meetings

Filed in News by on June 22, 2006 Comments

Getting the employee’s side of the story is an important first step in a possible disciplinary action. Here are tips for a federal manager or supervisor on how to prepare for and conduct a meeting on this touchy subject.

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Readers Identify Issues, Preferences for Upcoming Elections

Filed in News by on June 21, 2006 Comments

Readers predict Democrats will take over control of the legislative branch in November.

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An Unusual Request for a Promotion

Filed in News by on June 20, 2006 Comments

Here is a unique way to seek a significant promotion in government service. A federal employee submitted letters from her doctor indicating she could not perform the duties of a lower level job. She argued the agency should therefore give her a promotion to a higher level position.

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