Seven Secrets for Writing Successful KSAs

Filed in News by on January 11, 2007 Comments

Knowing how to respond to a federal job vacancy can be critical to getting your application seriously considered. Federal agencies use KSA’s and knowing what they are and how to respond will give you a better chance of getting a new job or promotion.

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2007 Pay for Feds Lags Private Sector

Filed in News by on January 10, 2007 Comments

Merit pay is rampant in the private sector. In the federal government, equal pay raises across the board are the norm although a report issued in 2006 shows that federal employees have not fared too badly. The systems are different and pay and the sources of job satisfaction are unlikely to ever match up.

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Arbitrator and Federal Court Uphold Removal

Filed in News by on January 10, 2007 Comments

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld the decision of an arbitrator finding that the firing of an employee at the National Personnel Records Center for poor performance was justified.

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Feeling the Heat of Your Political Passions? Have Another Latte Before Hitting the Send Button

Filed in News by on January 9, 2007 Comments

Violating the Hatch Act can get a federal employee into trouble. Two new cases have again demonstrated that sending an e-mail while on duty in a government building can lead to disciplinary action.

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Sick Leave Abuse: Part 2 – Identifying the Problem

Filed in News by on January 8, 2007 Comments

Is taking sick leave discretionary? The government’s view is that sick leave applies to a few prescribed situations. What constitutes sick leave abuse and why do people abuse it?

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Firing a Fed May Be Harder Than Ever

Filed in News by on January 5, 2007 Comments

Firing a probationary employee may not be as easy as it once was. Who qualifies as a probationary employee? The MSPB says there is confusion in the bureaucracy and would like to see it cleared up.

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Federal Employee Not Always Protected by Uncle Sam

Filed in News by on January 4, 2007 Comments

A federal employee is not always acting as an employee of the federal government. In this case, a court ruled that whether an agency employee was acting in an official capacity is an issue to be resolved by a jury.

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Preventing Sick Leave Problems: Steps an Agency Can Take To Reduce Problems

Filed in News by on January 3, 2007 Comments

The number one cause for employee discipline in the Federal sector results from problems related to leave. some of the attitudes that may cause sick leave problems and some prevention strategies.

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