TSP S Fund Continues to Shine

Filed in News by on December 4, 2006 Comments

All TSP investors have a reason to be happy with the returns for November. Surprisingly, the S fund had the best return for the month and the I fund has the best return for the past 12 months.

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Your 2007 Pay Raise Will Be…

Filed in News by on December 1, 2006 Comments

The process of determining the 2007 pay raise amount is moving along slowly. But, while the process is moving, there is no final answer on the question of how much employees will be getting in their paychecks next year.

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Another Retirement Option? Roth IRA’s and the Federal Employee

Filed in News by on November 30, 2006 Comments

As a federal employee, you cannot invest in a Roth IRA within the Thrift Savings Plan. But you may still have the option of using a Roth IRA to invest in your retirement future.

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MSPB Shows Clear Trend Supporting Agency Officials When They Get It Right

Filed in News by on November 29, 2006 Comments

Third parties sometimes follow a new trend without specifically stating they are doing so. In several recent decisions, the Board seems to be giving agency deciding officials the benefit of the doubt when reviewing agency actions. Here is a quick summary.

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Do You Provide Loyal, Professional Service to Your Agency?

Filed in News by on November 29, 2006 Comments

How much leeway does a federal employee have in publicly disagreeing with agency policy decisions? An agency has the right to expect loyal, professional service from its employees even though a whistleblower is protected.

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United Nations Enters Federal Employee Legal Dispute

Filed in News by on November 28, 2006 Comments

AFGE recently won a case before the United Nations when it secured a ruling that the union is entitled to represent employees of the Transportation Security Administration. Should a union representing federal employees be going outside the confines of American law and legal processes with a labor law dispute?

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The Federal ADR Feeding Frenzy: Managers May Get Caught Up In It and Not Always be Prepared to Represent the Agency’s Best Interests

Filed in News by on November 26, 2006 Comments

There has been an explosion in the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the federal sector. Is using ADR always a good idea? What pitfalls should a federal manager be aware of before starting the process? The author provides a succinct list of problems in the ADR process and how to avoid them.

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No Conviction But Removal Stands

Filed in News by on November 17, 2006 Comments

A Customs Border Protection Officer can be fired from his job even though not convicted of a crime because the standard of proof is higher in a criminal case and does not preclude an agency from firing a federal employee.

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