Organizing a Disciplinary or Adverse Action Case

Filed in News by on April 22, 2008 Comments

Organizing and structuring discipline and adverse action cases effectively is valuable for many reasons. First and foremost, good organization will help develop the basis for an action and whether or not the Agency should go forward. This article is about the nuts and bolts of putting a case together.

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Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Government Charge Cards

Filed in News by on April 17, 2008 Comments

The recent publicity about charge card abuse by federal employees outlined in a GAO report has been reported in news media all over the country. The Office of Management and Budget has new guidance for federal agencies telling them steps they must take to get a handle on the problem.

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Riding Out A Volatile Stock Market

Filed in News by on April 16, 2008 Comments

Riding through the ups and downs of the stock market can be exasperating. Is this a good time buy more of the TSP stock funds or a good time to sell them? Here is an historical perspective on how the stock market has fared after a big drop.

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House to Federal Employees: Write in “Plain Language”

Filed in News by on April 15, 2008 Comments

Here is an issue with bipartisan support from our Congressional representatives. Congress apparently thinks that federal employees do not write well and intends to correct the problem. A bill has passed the House requiring agencies to use “plain language.” Haven’t we seen this before?

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CSRS Employees and Redepositing Retirement Funds

Filed in News by on April 14, 2008 Comments

When deciding whether or not to re-deposit money, the most important thing to consider is when did the service for which you received a refund end? If it ended before 10/01/90, breathe a sigh of relief. If it ended 10/01/90 or after, pay it.

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Charge Card Abuse? Who Cares?

Filed in News by on April 11, 2008 Comments

The issue of credit card abuse in government surfaces on a regular basis. Little seems to change. A new GAO report highlights a problem with purchase cards. The reaction of many in the government community is likely to be “Thanks for the report. We don’t really care.”

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Overtime Pay and Federal Employees

Filed in News by on April 10, 2008 Comments

Employees of the Bureau of Prisons argued that they were entitled to overtime pay. They lost before the Court of Claims and a federal appeals court decision leads to a similar conclusion.

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Political Appointee Seeks Help from “Dear Abby”

Filed in News by on April 8, 2008 Comments

Why would the head of a major federal agency be writing a letter to Dear Abby? Can this be good for a political appointee’s career?

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