Best Date to Retire in 2008 (or early in 2009)

Filed in News by on December 17, 2007 Comments

Many federal employees are apparently thinking of retirement. If you are thinking of retiring in 2008, what is the most advantageous retirement date? Here are suggestions that may be of interest as you mull over the question.

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Misuse of Position Leads to Removal

Filed in News by on December 16, 2007 Comments

Federal agencies have considerable power and authority. Federal employees have to be wary of trying to improperly use their position for personal gain or for other reasons unrelated to their official job requirements. This agent of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency was fired for misuse of his position and the removal is upheld by the MSPB and a federal court.

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Stay in Town Until Budget is Passed!

Filed in News by on December 14, 2007 Comments

FedSmith readers spoke out in giving their opinions on the budget stalemate and their 2008 pay raise. 92% think that Congress should not adjourn until a budget has passed and 47% think the average pay raise for 2008 will be 3%. 58% do not think there will be a government shutdown.

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Ten Critical Mistakes Made by Federal Employees in Trouble

Filed in News by on December 13, 2007 Comments

Federal employees who get in trouble are prone to making the same mistakes. Here is practical advice from an experienced agency representative on the most common mistakes committed by federal employees who get in trouble.

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Rancor Increases Over Spending As Congress Gets Ready to Leave Town

Filed in News by on December 12, 2007 Comments

The political dispute about spending for the fiscal year 2008 budget continues with no obvious resolution in sight. The two sides are even refusing to speak to each other in some cases over the most contentious issues. What are the options for the 2008 pay raise in the midst of this continuing dispute?

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Not a Stickler for Detail

Filed in News by on December 11, 2007 Comments

A mother and son worked at the same agency. The mother was a human resources specialist. Both of them were fired. The son was fired for falsification of job applications in the agency’s automated program. The son’s appeal went to federal court but the court upheld the credibility determination made by the administrative judge and he stays fired.

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President Bush to Federal Employees: Merry Christmas

Filed in News by on December 7, 2007 Comments

December 24, 2007 will be a federal holiday for most federal employees. It was granted within the scope of Executive Order 11582–which most readers have probably never heard of–with pay.

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Executive Order Giving Feds Off on December 24, 2007

Filed in News by on December 7, 2007 Comments

Executive Order giving certain federal employees the day off on December 24, 2007.

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