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Two former IRS attorneys disbarred

Filed in News by on August 23, 2004 Comments

Two attorneys who worked for the IRS have been disbarred.

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OPM Says Agencies Can Hire New Employees in Under 45 Days

Filed in News by on August 20, 2004 Comments

OPM says agencies can hire new employees in under 45 days using its new model.

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Federal Employee Gets $300,000 Settlement in Lawsuit

Filed in News by on August 1, 2004 Comments

A federal employee prevailed in his EEO complaint against DHS winning over $300,000 in a jury verdict.

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Former MSPB Chair to be Nominated as IG for HHS

Filed in News by on July 13, 2004 Comments

Daniel Levinson nominated to be IG at HHS

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Billions Wasted in DoD Because of Duplicate Business Systems

Filed in News by on July 9, 2004 Comments

The Dept. of Defenses has too many business systems and no central repository of information necessary to manage effectively.

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Looking for an Ideal Job? You May Already Have One

Filed in News by on July 2, 2004 Comments

Working for Uncle Sam is a high priority for many job seekers says OPM director Kay Coles James.

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GAO checks out use of charge cards at the VA

Filed in News by on June 18, 2004 Comments

GAO has released a report detailing problems with internal controls on the use of charge cards at the VA.

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Smokers Need Not Apply

Filed in News by on June 16, 2004 Comments

There is no smoking allowed anytime, anywhere on the Baltimore campus of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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