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Doing a Favor for a Friend May Get This Fed Fired

Filed in News by on November 15, 2004 Comments

The Office of Special Counsel is seeking removal of an employee of the Dept. of Interior for seeking to evade veterans preference requirements in order to hire a friend.

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Moving Toward a Government-Wide Ban on Smoking in Federal Buildings

Filed in News by on November 12, 2004 Comments

HHS is moving out to ban smoking at all HHS campuses

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Who Says A Federal Employee Can’t Be Fired?

Filed in News by on November 5, 2004 Comments

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld the removal of an IRS employee for improperly releasing taxpayer data.

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More Problems at Commission on Civil Rights

Filed in News by on October 28, 2004 Comments

The Commission on Civil Rights continues to defend its management practices in the face of criticism from OPM and GAO.

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25 Years of Civil Service Reform

Filed in News by on October 22, 2004 Comments

The 1978 CSRA established several agencies including the MSPB. MSPB has issued an anniversary newsletter celebrating some of its past achievements.

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FDIC Asks Congress for Separate Personnel Authority

Filed in News by on September 3, 2004 Comments

The FDIC wants authority to set up its own personnel system.

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GSA Loses Protest on A-76 Selection of In-House Performance

Filed in News by on August 24, 2004 Comments

GSA selected an in-house team to perform work. GAO overturned the decision on appeal.

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Two former IRS attorneys disbarred

Filed in News by on August 23, 2004 Comments

Two attorneys who worked for the IRS have been disbarred.

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