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DoD Hopes to Move Fast on New HR System

Filed in News by on February 19, 2004 Comments

The Dept. of Defense is moving out fast to implement a new personnel structure. David S. Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, explains the reason for moving quickly.

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DHS Outlines New HR System

Filed in News by on February 17, 2004 Comments

The Department of Homeland Security is moving forward with its new HR system.

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Flying first class at AID

Filed in News by on January 30, 2004 Comments

Senior AID officials, including the IG, flew business class at taxpayer expense when not allowed by agency regulations.

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Can you Spare a Quarter? US Mint Referees Disputes on Coin Designs

Filed in News by on December 30, 2003 Comments

The depiction of a state’s image on new quarters is leading to disputes among the states.

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OPM Memo: New Performance-Based Pay System for the Senior Executive Service

Filed in News by on December 17, 2003 Comments

OPM memo to agency heads on new SES pay system

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GSA Increases Mileage Rates

Filed in News by on December 15, 2003 Comments

GSA has increased the reimbursement rates for use of personal vehicles on government business.

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The Designer Product of the Year From the Federal Government

Filed in News by on December 8, 2003 Comments

New $20 bill listed as one of the best new products of the year

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What Are Feds Thinking?

Filed in News by on November 16, 2003 Comments

The MSPB has just released a new report that discusses results of a survey on attitudes and perceptions of the federal workforce.

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