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DoD can Save Money by Coordinating Efforts to Purchase Services

Filed in News by on September 11, 2003 0 Comments

The Dept. of Defense needs to have a coordinated plan to analyze its purchase of services.

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OMB’s “Smart Card” vision still has a long way to go

Filed in News by on September 10, 2003 0 Comments

GSA has responsibility for implementing the smart card program throughout government. There are still a lot of challenges left before it becomes a government-wide reality.

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GAO Finds Problems in Forest Service With Use of Uncle Sam’s Credit Cards

Filed in News by on September 5, 2003 0 Comments

The GAO reviewed purchases by employees using government credit cards and recommends better internal controls at the agency

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Should More Agencies Be Located in Rural Areas? GAO Looks at Telework and Agency Location

Filed in News by on September 4, 2003 0 Comments

GAO notes that agencies have been required to consider locating facilities in rural areas for a number of years but little progress has been made. Telework may make it easier for federal employees to live in these rural areas.

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Telework and Bureaucracy: Who Is in Charge?

Filed in News by on August 19, 2003 0 Comments

A new GAO report about telework programs and policies in the federal government.

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Proposed Changes to Travel Regs May Impact All Federal Travelers

Filed in News by on August 14, 2003 0 Comments

An advisory board has made recommendations to GSA on changes to the government’s current policies for government travelers.

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OGE Seeks Response from Ethics Advisors

Filed in News by on August 5, 2003 0 Comments

OGE is seeking responses to its annual ethics survey from feds working in the area of ethics for agencies.

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Can a Fed be fired for poor performance?

Filed in News by on July 29, 2003 0 Comments

Firing a federal employee for performance can be done but it isn’t quick or easy.

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