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Federal Employees, Obamacare and Avoiding A Tax Penalty

Filed in News by on December 30, 2014 Comments

How will federal employees under the FEHB avoid paying an additional penalty to the IRS? Here is a quick summary.

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The CSRS Voluntary Contribution Program

Filed in News by on December 15, 2014 Comments

The CSRS Voluntary Contribution Program has been available to CSRS or CSRS Offset federal employees for many years. It can be a very useful option to significantly increase retirement savings. The author explains some of the details of this program.

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Federal Benefit Comparisons: Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

Filed in News by on December 10, 2014 Comments

The author says that studies comparing federal benefits to those in the private sector miss a key issue and that there are substantial differences in the benefit packages across industry sectors.

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6 Common Questions for Federal Employees Starting Later in Life

Filed in News by on December 9, 2014 Comments

There is a lot of guidance available on the federal benefit package for new employees starting their careers at a young age, but there are also unique and important considerations for those starting later. The author provides considerations for federal workers beginning their careers at later ages.

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Merry Christmas to Federal Employees: Extra Paid Holiday Announced for Dec. 26

Filed in News by on December 6, 2014 Comments

President Obama has issued an executive order giving federal employees an extra paid holiday on Friday, December 26.

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Self Plus One Health Insurance: Will Your Insurance Costs Go Up or Down?

Filed in News by on December 3, 2014 Comments

The self plus one option under the federal health insurance program will be available during the open season in 2015. It will likely benefit many in the program but some federal employees are likely to have higher premiums in 2016 as a result of the change.

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Is There a Cadillac Tax in Your Future?

Filed in News by on November 23, 2014 Comments

Is there a “Cadillac” tax on your federal employee health benefits in the future? The tax goes into effect in 2018. Here are the details and how federal employees could be affected.

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The Service Computation Date Comes in Five Flavors

Filed in News by on November 19, 2014 Comments

There are potentially five different service computation dates that are used to determine your benefits as a federal employee with which you should be familiar. The author provides details about each one.

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