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How Much is the Maximum Annuity Supplement?

Filed in News by on April 14, 2014 Comments

The procedure for calculating the supplement is clearly spelled out in Chapter 51 of the CSRS & FERS Handbook, but it is a difficult process. The author offers a more concise explanation.

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How to Locate Individual Federal Employee Salaries

Filed in News by on April 12, 2014 Comments

How much does an individual federal employee make? The database of federal employee salaries has been updated with the latest available salary data and is now available for use.

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Obesity and the Federal Employee

Filed in News by on April 5, 2014 Comments

OPM has informed FEHB insurance carriers that classifying obesity as a lifestyle condition or considering obesity treatment as cosmetic is not permitted under the federal health insurance program.

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How to Speed Up Processing Your Retirement Application

Filed in News by on March 28, 2014 Comments

OPM is pushing to have agencies submit complete retirement processing packages to speed up the process. Here are some common errors to avoid that may help speed your application along.

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Self Plus One Health Insurance Effective January 1, 2016

Filed in News by on March 25, 2014 Comments

The self plus one enrollment option for federal employee health insurance will be available for enrollment on November 9, 2015. Copy of the OPM letter is contained in the article.

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For New Retirees: More Money in the Interim Payment

Filed in News by on March 19, 2014 Comments

When Federal employees retire, they start getting “interim” payments, almost immediately. These payments are approximately 60% of the final, fully annuity. For FERS employees under age 62, there is also an annuity supplement of hundreds of dollars. The author offers details on these annuity payments.

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The Real Cost of the Chained CPI

Filed in News by on February 20, 2014 Comments

The author says that the chained CPI which the president recently dropped from his budget proposal would actually have been a good thing because of its potential to help with reducing the national debt. He notes that the actual cost to federal retirees from the chained CPI would have been less than the cost of a pizza each month and illustrates its financial impact for federal pensioners.

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Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits: ‘File and Suspend’

Filed in News by on February 11, 2014 Comments

The author discusses a strategy for maximizing Social Security benefits known as “file and suspend.” In addition to detailing who can use this strategy, he outlines some examples of how it might work.

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