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How An Extreme Hiring Makeover Is Helping One Federal Agency

Filed in News by on April 6, 2005 0 Comments

CMS undergoes an extreme hiring makeover that could help key the agency’s success in meeting new legislative challenges.

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Out For Blood in the Executive Branch

Filed in News by on April 4, 2005 0 Comments

Who will control the Office of Special Counsel? Will a new political appointee be able to make substantive changes or will the existing interest groups have their way with him? Blood is being drawn; the pitched battle is underway; the media loves it.

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It’s A Dog’s Life

Filed in News by on March 30, 2005 0 Comments

Just a dog or a loyal, loving companion? There are two kinds of people in the world; those that like dogs and those that do not.

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Agency Can Pay for Food and Fanfare–But Can’t Go Into Business

Filed in News by on March 7, 2005 0 Comments

An agency can host a conference and pay for food but can’t charge a fee and keep the proceeds

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Bank of America Math: 1.2 Million People Is Just A Small Number

Filed in News by on March 4, 2005 0 Comments

Bank of America is very sorry for inconviencing 1.2 million federal workers. Just ask them.

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‘Federal 100′ Award Winners Announced

Filed in News by on March 3, 2005 0 Comments

Federal Computer Week announces the winners of its ‘Federal 100′ awards

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After Losing Feds Charge Card Data, Bank Gives Security Tips To Potential Victims

Filed in News by on March 1, 2005 0 Comments

Bank urges potential victims to be vigilant in protecting their financial and personal information

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Terrorism, Biohazardous Material, and Snow in Washington

Filed in News by on February 28, 2005 0 Comments

Snow in Washington creates problems. It s political? Is it dangerous? Is it expensive? Perhaps it’s all of the above.

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