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Agency Officials Can Protest Contracting Decisions

Filed in News by on February 22, 2006 Comments

Changes to the procedures for allowing protests to a decision for contracting government work could lead to an interesting situation. An agency offical can protest his own agency’s decision.

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“Play Nice”

Filed in News by on February 10, 2006 Comments

Americans can (and do) disagree with our politicians, political appointees, federal employees and others in public positions. But anyone in these positions is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

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Health Benefits, Federal Employees and Money

Filed in News by on February 9, 2006 Comments

Young versus old and increasing cost for better medical care for Americans provides the basis for proposed changes to the federal employee health benefits program. It’s expensive and there are likely to be winners and losers with the final outcome.

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President Proposes 2.2% Pay Raise for Feds in 2007

Filed in News by on February 6, 2006 Comments

President Bush has sent his 2007 budget to Congress with a proposed pay raise for federal employees.

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Why Do You Work for Uncle Sam?

Filed in News by on February 6, 2006 Comments

Why do you work for the federal government?

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Congress, Federal Employees and Ethics

Filed in News by on January 24, 2006 Comments

Are Congressional ethics rules effective? Are the ethics rules effective for the federal workforce?

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Dancing and Playing to the Crowd: Predictions for Your 2007 Pay Raise

Filed in News by on January 18, 2006 Comments

What will 2007 bring for pay for federal employees? No one really knows but here is one prediction as the 2007 pay dance begins right on schedule.

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The Federal Employee “Hot Topics” of 2005

Filed in News by on December 30, 2005 Comments

Here is a list of the most popular articles among our readers in 2005.

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