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Federal Paychecks, TSP Services Continue Functioning In Face of Hurricane

Filed in News by on August 30, 2005 Comments

Some of the first questions that popped up on blogging sites from federal employees was “Will I get paid on time?”

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Federal Employee Charged With Illegally Diverting $10 Million in Contracts

Filed in News by on August 19, 2005 Comments

An employee formerly employed by GSA has been charged with diverting $10 million in contracts to a company in which she and her husband had a financial interest.

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COLA’s, Pay Raises and the Federal Community

Filed in News by on August 18, 2005 Comments

Some federal retirees may get a higher pay raise than active federal employees in 2006.

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OPM Proposes COLA Changes for Some Federal Employees

Filed in News by on August 15, 2005 Comments

OPM is published proposed COLA changes for a few federal employees outside of the Continental United States.

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2006 Pay: How Will Federal Increase Compare With Private Sector?

Filed in News by on August 5, 2005 Comments

How will the 2006 pay raise compare to the typical private sector increase? Here is a likely scenario.

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Attracting Young Americans to Federal Service

Filed in News by on July 29, 2005 Comments

The Partnership for Public Service announced a new initiative to understand the best ways to attract young Americans to federal government service.

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Extreme Hiring Makeover Gives Federal Hiring a Facelift

Filed in News by on July 21, 2005 Comments

Three federal agencies recently revealed the results of a 10-month “Extreme Hiring Makeover” to improve the way they recruit and hire skilled employees, demonstrating how the project helped them streamline their hiring and improve the caliber of their job candidates.

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Senate Subcommittee Backs 2006 Federal Pay Raise Of 3.1 Percent

Filed in News by on July 19, 2005 Comments

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Transportation, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development approved the 3.1 percent pay parity measure for federal employees in fiscal year 2006.

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