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It’s a Holiday–Let’s Go To the Beach!

Filed in News by on May 27, 2005 Comments

The traditional meaning of Memorial Day has been altered as society has changed. Here is a personal tribute to one man who died in service to his country.

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It’s Graduation Month As Federal Executive Institute Celebrates Milestone

Filed in News by on May 24, 2005 Comments

OPM will honor the Federal Executive Institute’s flagship program Leadership for a Democratic Society, which will celebrate the graduation of its 20,000th participant.

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AFGE Files Lawsuit Against EEOC

Filed in News by on May 24, 2005 Comments

The American Federation of Government Employees filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for violating the Open Meetings Act…

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Patriotism Not Enough To Call “Class of 9/11″ To Public Service

Filed in News by on May 23, 2005 Comments

While public service may still be a calling for many U.S. citizens who wish to serve their country and work for the common good, it’s still not enough of an incentive to attract college graduates, even for the “Class of 9/11,” according to a recent survey.

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Whining on the Internet? Some Feds Find Expressing Opinions Can Have Consequences

Filed in News by on May 20, 2005 Comments

Internet blogs or posting services are a great way for people to communicate. But words are a powerful tool and one person’s well-founded complaint may just be unjustified whining to another reader. One group of federal employees found out how the internet may impact their working lives and their job security.

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Bills That Improve Benefits For Federal Employees Passed

Filed in News by on May 19, 2005 Comments

The House Government Reform Committee passed three bills that would increase the employee benefits for federal civilian and military workers.

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Need Help Making A Decision About Social Security Reform? GAO Guide May Have The Answers

Filed in News by on May 18, 2005 Comments

GAO issued a special publication of answers to key questions about Social Security reform.

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BRAC In Black: Base Closure/Realignments Expected To Save $48.8 Billion Over 20 Years

Filed in News by on May 13, 2005 Comments

Defense Department releases 2005 BRAC recommendation that calls for shutting down 33 of 318 major military bases across the country.

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