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Federal Job Satisfaction Rises–Why the Difference Between Agencies?

Filed in News by on September 29, 2005 Comments

Why are there differences between agencies in job satisfaction? The MSPB offers some answers.

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Federal Managers Win Senior Fellow Leadership Awards

Filed in News by on September 23, 2005 Comments

The Council for Excellence in Government has selected three federal managers for outstanding service.

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Military Personnel Have Some Appeal Rights Too

Filed in News by on September 21, 2005 Comments

Who has authority to decide whether a member of the military stays or goes? A court weighs in on the issue.

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Federal Vision, Dental Program Start Delayed

Filed in News by on September 20, 2005 Comments

OPM has delayed the start of the dental and vision program for federal employees.

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Using Government Credit Cards: New Problems or New Opportunities?

Filed in News by on September 16, 2005 Comments

There is a new credit limit for some government charge cards.

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Federal Employees Happier But Still Lag Private Sector

Filed in News by on September 15, 2005 Comments

Which federal agencies are the best places to work and how does the federal work environment compare to the private sector?

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John Kerry’s “Spendometer” and Those Treasury Department Tax Analysts

Filed in News by on September 13, 2005 Comments

A critique of the tax policies proposed by Sen. John Kerry led to allegations Treasury Department employees violated the Hatch Act. OSC conducted an investigation of the incident.

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Deadline for “Innovation in American Government” Award

Filed in News by on September 13, 2005 Comments

Deadline to apply for the “Innovation in American Government” Award is this week.

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