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Special Counsel Seeks Order Against Corps of Engineers

Filed in News by on November 15, 2005 Comments

OSC is seeking an order from the MSPB requiring the Corps of Engineers to rehire an employee who has served in the military.

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Use of Blackberrys May Be Limited to Government Workers

Filed in News by on November 14, 2005 Comments

The Justice Dept. has filed a brief to ensure that government workers get to keep using their wireless Blackberry e-mail–even if the service should be shut down.

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Veterans’ Day: A Personal Remembrance

Filed in News by on November 10, 2005 Comments

Friday, November 11, 2005 is a federal holiday. Here is one personal memorial to an American military veteran

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Court Upholds Ban on DC Commuter Tax

Filed in News by on November 7, 2005 Comments

A federal court has upheld the ban on taxing the income of commuters who work in the District of Columbia.

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No Pay Freeze in Deficit Reduction Package Passed in Senate

Filed in News by on November 7, 2005 Comments

The Senate has passed a deficit reduction package that does not include a pay freeze for federal employees for 2006.

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Taxing Telecommuters

Filed in News by on November 4, 2005 Comments

The US Supreme Court has declined to review a case in which a telecommuter was required to pay income tax to New York State while living in Tennessee.

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2006 FEHB Rates

Filed in News by on November 3, 2005 Comments

What are the premium rates for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program in 2006? Here is a complete listing from OPM.

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Pay, Charity and Natural Disasters

Filed in News by on October 31, 2005 Comments

The controversy over the 2006 federal pay raise has generated comments from a number of readers. Will the controversy have any impact on your donation this year?

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