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MSPB Cites New Record in Number of Cases Handled

Filed in News by on March 9, 2016 Comments

In its annual report, the MSPB cites record-setting case processing actions and decisions. Publicity for the quasi-judicial agency has not all been favorable though.

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How Republican Candidates For President Might Impact Federal Employees

Filed in News by on February 29, 2016 Comments

Cutting government spending and reducing our federal debt is a frequent topic addressed by Republican presidential candidates. Here are some specifics from the leading candidates and how this could impact the federal workforce.

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OPM CIO Donna Seymour Resigns

Filed in News by on February 22, 2016 Comments

The Office of Personnel Management’s Chief Information Officer, Donna Seymour, has announced her retirement after mounting pressure for her to step down over her role in the data breaches that hit the agency’s computer networks.

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Volatility in the TSP Funds

Filed in News by on February 16, 2016 Comments

With the stock market dropping, have you started to panic? The recent volatility has left many federal employees worried about their Thrift Savings Plan holdings. The author explains what causes market volatility and what federal employees should consider doing when the stock market heads south as it has done recently.

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Postal Service Reports a Profit of $307 Million in Q1

Filed in News by on February 9, 2016 Comments

The Postal Service reported a net profit of $307 million in the first quarter of 2016, a significant milestone for the agency which has suffered from heavy financial losses for the past several years.

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What Politicians are Promising Federal Employees If Elected

Filed in News by on February 7, 2016 Comments

What positions have the leading Democratic candidates taken that would impact federal employees? Here is a quick summary.

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Would the American Savings Act Impact the Thrift Savings Plan?

Filed in News by on January 31, 2016 Comments

The American Savings Act would create a new organization that may be popular with many Americans. How would creating such an organization impact the TSP?

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Bills Seek to Curb Misuse of Paid Administrative Leave in Agencies

Filed in News by on January 21, 2016 Comments

Congress is considering two bills to try to curb abuse of administrative leave in agencies sometimes described as a method for agencies to avoid making tough personnel decisions.

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