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Stamps Honor Hero of World War II

WWII Medal of Honor recipient Walter Ehlers is only one of eight living recipients of the award among WWII veterans. He was recently presented with a framed edition of the recently issued WWII Medal of Honor stamps in honor of his service.

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HCR Honored For Service

The Eagle Spirit Award is the highest award given to a highway contractor by USPS. Recently, this award was bestowed upon Sacramento’s Oakhurst Post Office HCR Kenneth Peterson for his 24 years of dedicated service.

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DC Area Government Offices Closed Monday

A winter storm is hitting the Washington, DC area on Monday and government offices are closed. What are your thoughts on the government closing due to inclement weather? Share your feedback in the short survey at the end of the article.

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April 23, 2014

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L 2040 25.2749 -0.0396 +1.78%
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