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The First Amendment and Public Employees: Supreme Court Reconsiders Limitations

Filed in News by on January 21, 2016 Comments

Federal employees can join a union and pay dues, or they can decide not to join and save their money. Many public sector employees do not have this option. The Supreme Court takes another look at public employees and mandatory union fees. What impact will this case have on federal employees?

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Election Season Heating Up: Which Candidate Do You Support?

Filed in News by on January 19, 2016 Comments

The 2016 presidential election season is getting into high gear with the first primaries coming up soon. Which candidate would you prefer to see as the nominee for president in 2016? Share your opinion in this short survey.

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7 Things Federal Workers Should Watch in 2016

Filed in News by on January 6, 2016 Comments

From the presidential election to possible cuts to the federal workforce, the author discusses things he thinks federal employee should be watching for as we head into the new year.

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Four Hours of Extra Time for Christmas Eve: Generous or Average?

Filed in News by on December 14, 2015 Comments

Which president has been the most generous with time off at Christmas? How do the 4 hours of extra time off this year compare with what has been done in the past when Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday?

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Senator Picks Up Where Coburn Left Off on Reporting Government Waste

Filed in News by on December 1, 2015 Comments

A weight loss program for truck drivers, dead people at SSA, and unused solar panels at the VA – these are just some of the items that Senator James Lankford (R-OK) highlights in a new report on wasteful spending in federal agencies that follows a tradition begun by his predecessor, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK).

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Will Federal Employees Get Black Friday Off?

Filed in News by on November 24, 2015 Comments

A petition was started last week asking the White House to give federal employees an extra day off at Thanksgiving. How likely is this to happen?

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Don’t Let the Hatch Act Destroy Your Federal Career

Filed in News by on November 16, 2015 Comments

The Office of Special Counsel recently issued new Hatch Act guidelines for federal employees pertaining to social media. If you are unfamiliar with the Hatch Act, it would be worth your time to become acquainted with this law. This article provides a brief overview of the new guidelines and a brief summary of why the Hatch Act was passed.

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Tim Dirks Selected As Interim President for the Senior Executives Association

Filed in News by on November 11, 2015 Comments

Human resources expert and long-time federal employee Tim Dirks has been named as the interim president of the Senior Executives Association.

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