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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Filed in Headline Archives, News by on January 9, 2015 Comments

The author says that use of the penny and the nickel are rapidly losing ground to electronic currency, so much so that he says it no longer makes sense to keep them in circulation.

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The Best of 2014

Filed in News by on December 29, 2014 Comments

What were the most popular articles on FedSmith.com in 2014? From the 2015 COLA to a 1% pay raise next year, here are the articles you read the most.

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Federal Employee Job Satisfaction Hits New Low

Filed in News by on December 9, 2014 Comments

Job satisfaction among federal workers is at its lowest point in 11 years according to the latest Best Places to Work rankings.

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How Much Official Time Used by Federal Unions? No One Really Knows

Filed in News by on November 19, 2014 Comments

GAO analyzed a recent OPM report on official time usage by federal employee unions. It found significant discrepancies in the data but OPM noted that providing more accurate data “is not a priority at this time.”

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FedSmith.com Users Expecting an Extra Day Off at Christmas This Year

Filed in News by on November 11, 2014 Comments

FedSmith.com users said in a recent survey that they think the president will ultimately give federal employees an extra day off at Christmas.

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Power Shift in Congress: What Does This Mean for Federal Employees?

Filed in News by on November 8, 2014 Comments

As a result of the Republican wave of victories in the mid-term elections, Congress will now be under the control of Republicans. What subjects of interest to federal employees are likely to arise as a result? Here are a few that are likely to impact the federal workforce.

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60,000 Veterans Get Triple Benefits Totaling $3.5 Billion Says GAO

Filed in News by on November 3, 2014 Comments

A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, notes that over 59,000 military veterans were “triple dippers” last year. These individuals received benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, military retirement pay and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

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Winter Vacation Deals for Feds

Filed in News by on October 28, 2014 Comments

Escaping the cold weather is among the many reasons one might take a vacation this time of year. The author presents some vacation ideas as well as companies and websites that offer travel discounts for federal employees looking to plan their fall and winter vacations.

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