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Political Passion Can Destroy a Federal Career

An investigation by the Office of Special Counsel has found evidence of political campaigning for President Obama by IRS employees at a time when the agency did not need more publicity regarding campaigning and actions on behalf of one political party over another.

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Obesity and the Federal Employee

OPM has informed FEHB insurance carriers that classifying obesity as a lifestyle condition or considering obesity treatment as cosmetic is not permitted under the federal health insurance program.

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Supreme Court Backs Federal Circuit Over MSPB on Position Sensitivity Cases

In denying a hearing on the matter (certiorari), the Supreme Court backed the Federal Circuit in setting limits on the MSPB’s jurisdiction to hear appeals of removals or other actions taken by an Agency when an employee loses the ability to hold a “sensitive” government job. As the author points out, many more Federal employees hold positions with a sensitive rating than do those with security clearances.

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Location, Location, Location

The author says that documentation of employee actions and discussions is critical for managers, especially in situations involving discipline or removal.

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