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Comparing Average Salary to Highest Paid Salaries in Federal Jobs

Filed in News by on September 9, 2014 Comments

What are the average salaries for some federal jobs and how do they compare to the highest paid ones? While in the same category, the differences may surprise some. If you fall into one of these categories, see how you compare to the average and the highest paid individuals.

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Pay for Performance – The Best Possible Solution?

Filed in News by on September 3, 2014 Comments

The author recounts his experiences as a former position classification specialist as they relate to the debate over a fair pay system to use within the federal government. He offers some suggestions for approaches to take on the debate over replacing the General Schedule pay system.

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OPM Needs to Modernize GS System

Filed in News by on September 2, 2014 Comments

The Government Accountability Office said in a new report that the Office of Personnel Management needs to work on ways to modernize the General Schedule system.

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Obama Calls on Feds to Do Their “Fair Share” With 1% Pay Raise for 2015

Filed in News by on August 30, 2014 Comments

President Obama has sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Vice President Joe Biden for a 1 percent across-the-board pay increase for the federal workforce. Here is a copy of the letter describing the pay adjustments to take place in January 2015.

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Pay Fairness: Views From the Federal Workforce

Filed in News by on August 19, 2014 Comments

Columns on federal pay always prompt strongly stated comments that confirm the General Schedule system is broken. Two recent articles by FedSmith.com author Howard Risher are no exception. Risher says that employee stories of personal experience should be read by every leader concerned about government and about achieving agency goals. He highlights some of the most telling comments from FedSmith.com users on his recent articles on federal pay.

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The Unknown Alternative to Phased Retirement

Filed in News by on August 17, 2014 Comments

The author says that the loss of the annuity supplement under phased retirement is a big disadvantage. However, he outlines a comparable alternative that could help offset this loss.

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Pay Fairness Should be a Priority

Filed in News by on August 5, 2014 Comments

The author says that replacing the General Schedule pay system is inevitable and that it needs to be done. However, he says that the anxiety and distrust that would come from federal employees upon moving to a new system must be overcome as part of the process and offers some ideas as to how to best manage the transition.

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Legislation Introduced to Repeal Increases in Federal Employee Pension Contributions

Filed in News by on July 31, 2014 Comments

Two Congressmen have introduced legislation that would repeal the recent increases in federal workers’ pension contributions.

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