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The Growing (and Retirement Eligible) Federal Workforce

A new report from the Government Accountability Office warns of a wave of new retirements, saying that as much as one third of federal employees will be able to eligible to retire by September 2017. The report also notes that federal spending on total government-wide compensation has increased 10% over 8 years.

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Reintroducing Myself – To Me

A retired federal employee who was a regular contributor to FedSmith, recounts his fight with cancer in his final articles. Steve passed away on December 22, 2013 after a long fight with the serious illness he described in his articles.

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Reconfiguring Discipline: Memos, Meetings and Money

Have you ever had a coworker who spent more time/energy avoiding work than actually working? The author says attitudes and conduct of these people can result in consequences for agencies if not addressed and offers some suggestions for dealing with employee behavior issues.

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Are You Soaring With Eagles?

Is your workplace one that is soaring with eagles (high performers), or overrun with turkeys (low performers)? The author looks at what can make up each one of these scenarios in an agency’s work environment.

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Who is Among Us?

Background investigations are conducted to determine things such as a person’s loyalty to the United States, work ethic, and overall character. The author says federal employees must understand the importance of an employee background investigation.

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