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Who are the 1000 Highest Paid Federal Employees?

Filed in News by on December 18, 2011 Comments

Web site WikiOrgCharts has recently released a list of the top 1000 highest paid federal employees. The list includes the individuals’ names, titles, agencies, and annual salaries.

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No FEGLI Open Season In Near Future

Filed in News by on December 11, 2011 Comments

According to an OPM source, there will be no FEGLI open season in the near future.

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Ranking Federal Employee Salary Levels by Race and Gender: Which Groups Make More?

Filed in News by on December 6, 2011 Comments

OPM recently released updated demographic data for the federal workforce. A subsection of the data released show average salaries across various ethnic groups in the federal government.

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Federal Government Relocation Assistance

Filed in News by on November 30, 2011 Comments

Whether you are a new hire or an existing federal employee transferring to a new job, you may be able to receive relocation assistance and other benefits. Here are a few questions to help you determine whether you are eligible.

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Finding an Individual Federal Employee’s Name and Salary

Filed in News by on November 26, 2011 Comments

What is the best way to find a federal employee’s name and salary on FedsDataCenter.com? Here are tips and examples on how to search quickly and efficiently.

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Individual and System Performance – Pass or Fail?

Filed in News by on November 22, 2011 Comments

In the absence of a method for assessing organizational performance, a pass-fail appraisal for civil servants, as opposed to a tiered system, may be the least destructive option.

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What is the Annual Salary of My Federal Colleagues?

Filed in News by on November 21, 2011 Comments

How much does the federal employee make who is sitting next to you at work? Which states have the most federal employees? Which states have the lowest average salary and which ones have the highest? Now you can find out quickly and easily.

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Reasonable Accommodation and Attendance

Filed in News by on November 14, 2011 Comments

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires an agency to reasonably accommodate the known physical or mental limitations of a qualified employee with a disability. But how does this factor into an employee’s attendance at work?

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