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3 Practical Things to Keep in Mind if You Have to Give a Talk (and Would Rather Poke Yourself in the Eye)

Filed in News by on August 14, 2014

If you are going to be speaking in public, it can be an overwhelming experience. The author offers some tips on how to prepare to ensure your speech is a success.

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Human Resources’ Seat at the Table: Five Tips to Earn and Leverage Your Value

Filed in News by on August 13, 2014

Whether you work at a government agency, mega-corporation, or a small business, leaders are requiring more of Human Resources (HR) than ever before. The author offers five tips to help HR professionals demonstrate their value within organizations.

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How Big is Your Cup?

Filed in News by on August 12, 2014

Are you equipped to handle an influx of abundance in your life? It might not be as easy as you think. The author offers some suggestions for expanding what she calls your “Abundance Cup.”

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Is Your Brain Limiting Your Federal Success?

Filed in News by on August 4, 2014

Thanks to the way our brains work, we have a built-in tendency to see what we want to see as well as what we expect to see. The author says this has implications for employees in their federal careers.

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Working with Idiots and Getting Better Results

Filed in News by on July 14, 2014

If you are not seeing the results you expect from political and organizational leaders, then demand the application of better methods.

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How to Communicate Clearly in a Disagreement

Filed in News by on June 30, 2014

There will inevitably be times when you disagree with your co-workers on various issues. The author offers some tips for handling disagreements at work gracefully.

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Moving? Save Money and Reduce Stress with These Tips

Filed in News by on June 29, 2014

If you find yourself facing a move during your federal career, the author offers some important tips for you to keep in mind to help reduce the hassle that always comes with making such a big change.

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Revolutionizing Government in 5 Minutes or Less

Filed in News by on June 15, 2014

The 2014 Next Generation of Government Summit will be held July 24-25 in Washington, DC. The objective of the conference is to provide “…opportunities for emerging leaders to further enhance their day-to-day career and the betterment of government overall.”

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