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Feedback: Feast, Famine, or… Poop?

Filed in News by on April 16, 2015 Comments

Whether in government or elsewhere, useful feedback is critical to your success – without it you don’t know where you stand. But have you ever asked a supervisor or colleague for feedback and gotten a ‘poop sandwich’ in return?

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FedSmith.com Users Want Their Bosses to Stop Micromanaging

Filed in News by on April 15, 2015 Comments

FedSmith.com users indicated in a recent survey a common theme: they feel there is a need for federal managers to stop micromanaging their employees. The author, who is a consultant focusing primarily on pay and performance, analyzes the responses from the survey and what they mean for federal employees.

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Are You On Track For Your Next Promotion? Four Key Areas To Evaluate

Filed in News by on April 8, 2015 Comments

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to promotions there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the process? Your organization has promotion criteria, and yet for every set of criteria you look around and see someone getting promoted who didn’t meet them. It can be frustrating, but there are some things you can do.

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Are You Successful In Your Job? It All Depends On Your Evidence of Success!

Filed in News by on March 27, 2015 Comments

When you fail to define the specific evidence of your success, it’s practically impossible to ever get there. So how do you create this evidence? The author provides some suggestions.

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Are You Drowning in a Teaspoon of Water?

Filed in News by on March 17, 2015 Comments

Don’t get so stuck on a tiny, trivial issue that you can’t move onto the things that matter.

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Paycheck Does Not Equal Appreciation

Filed in News by on March 6, 2015 Comments

How do you feel when you get your paycheck each week? Do you feel appreciated for your work? The author points out that showing appreciation to employees at work goes beyond just handing out paychecks.

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When You Aren’t Sure Whether or Not to Ask the Question… Ask the Question

Filed in News by on February 26, 2015 Comments

We’ve all learned that if you have a question, you should ask it, because chances are at least a few other people have the same question. The author describes why this is always important, even during times in which you feel shy about asking.

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Federal Resumes: Write Your Story – Not Your Resume

Filed in News by on February 25, 2015 Comments

Writing resumes for various job openings can be a challenge. The author provides advice for federal employees regarding what content they may wish to include on their federal resumes depending on the positions being sought.

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