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“The Emperor Has No Clothes”

Filed in News by on May 23, 2005 Comments

What will it take for federal employee unions to try a more bipartisan approach in playing politics at the national level?

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House Shifts Millions Away From New DHS Personnel System

Filed in News by on May 23, 2005 Comments

The House voted to transfer about half of the proposed $53 million that was to be used for implementing new personnel reforms at DHS to assist the nation’s federal firefighters.

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What Would Your Co-Workers Say About You To An Investigator?

Filed in News by on May 16, 2005 Comments

If an employee believes an action against him was a prohibited personnel practice, what remedies are available? Here is a case that shows some of the limits on appeal rights.

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Does the Federal Employee Appeals Process Inhibit an Effective, Efficient Government?

Filed in News by on May 10, 2005 Comments

Federal employees have numerous appeals processes available. The proposed changes to the civil service system would modify these processes.

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Unions Dealt Another Setback When DHS Amendment Defeated

Filed in News by on April 29, 2005 Comments

Federal labor unions suffered another setback in a bid to restore collective bargaining rights to employees in the Department of Homeland Security after lawmakers rejected an amendment Thursday.

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Losing in Albuquerque

Filed in News by on April 18, 2005 Comments

A federal employee ran in a nonpartisan election to become Mayor of Albuquerque. He now finds himself on the losing end of a court decision charging him with a Hatch Act violation.

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OPM Set For 30-Day Meet-And-Confer Session With Unions To Discuss NSPS

Filed in News by on April 15, 2005 Comments

On April 18, the Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Defense will begin a 30-day “meet and confer” process with unions to discuss the issues of concern regarding the proposed National Security Personnel System.

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Union Gets ‘Significant Decision’ In Bid To Contest A-76 Award

Filed in News by on April 13, 2005 Comments

NAATS given hope by dispute resolution office in its bid to challenge results of A-76 competition won by Lockheed Martin…

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