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Unmasking the Marginal Federal Employee

Filed in News by on August 3, 2005 Comments

Do we need a marginal rating for federal employees? In a practical sense, marginal ratings result in nothing but work for the supervisor.

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No Pay Increase for These Civil Service Employees?

Filed in News by on July 29, 2005 Comments

The agency and the union are starting labor negotiations and the parties are far apart in their initial positions.

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Making Pay-For-Performance Pay Off (Part 3)

Filed in News by on July 27, 2005 Comments

As the Bush administration’s initiatives to establish “pay-for-performance” move toward implementation, questions and doubts prevail. (Part 3 of 3 in a series of articles on pay for performance).

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Making Pay-For-Performance Pay Off, Part 2

Filed in News by on July 24, 2005 Comments

If the federal government is to achieve even modest success in implementing new DHS and DoD regulations that tie salaries to individual achievement, some formidable barriers must be scaled.

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Making Pay-For-Performance Pay Off

Filed in News by on July 20, 2005 Comments

DoD and DHS are the vanguard agencies for widespread introduction of pay for performance. As implementation nears, doubts and concerns within government are reaching tsunami levels…

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Big Gamble, Big Loss in New Customs Case

Filed in News by on July 11, 2005 Comments

NTEU gambled that it could require Customs to bargain an entire labor agreement and delay changes to the work assignment agreement negotiated under the Clinton partnership directive. The gamble did not pay off and the agency issued its new policy which successfully withstood several years of review by third parties and the Court of Appeals for DC.

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President Nominates New FLRA General Counsel

Filed in News by on June 24, 2005 Comments

Six months after the previous general counsel of the FLRA vacated the position, President Bush nominated Colleen Duffy Kiko, of Virginia, to fill the position vacated last December by Peter Eide.

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In Some Federal Agencies, It May Be O.K. To Wear Cargo Shorts To Work

Filed in News by on June 20, 2005 Comments

The FLRA recently ordered the Custom and Border Protection to negotiate with NTEU over workers rights to wear cargo shorts while on the job.

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