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“Collective Begging” Returning to Federal Labor Relations Program?

Filed in News by on February 11, 2005 0 Comments

The new personnel system for the Department of Defense will look much different and result in much less participation by unions in day-to-day affairs of the agency

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“You’re Sad? Too Bad”

Filed in News by on February 9, 2005 0 Comments

Several airport screeners argue they were short-changed by the government when their salary did not match the promise given when they were first employed. The court concludes they have a strong moral argument but do not have a legal one.

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An Unusual Case

Filed in News by on February 1, 2005 0 Comments

In this unusual case, the Dept. of Labor prevailed in an unfair labor practice case against AFGE Local 12

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Labor Relations in Government: Back to the Future

Filed in News by on January 28, 2005 0 Comments

The new labor relations program going into place in the Department of Homeland Security is a major change from the structure in the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 and, in many ways, resembles the Executive Orders of the 1960’s.

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Frustration in the Court

Filed in News by on January 26, 2005 0 Comments

A protracted legal battle over releasing information to a union representing an employee of the Bureau of Prisons has been going on for years but without final resolution.

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Five Years and Counting

Filed in News by on January 18, 2005 0 Comments

The FAA and AFSCME started bargaining a contract five years ago. A new court decision says that the agency’s contention that OMB has to approve the final agreement is valid because of a clear and unmistakable waiver by the union.

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Firing or Counseling? How Does the MSPB Decide?

Filed in News by on January 13, 2005 0 Comments

Will the MSPB consider an agency’s penalty imposed against an employee? Here is an example.

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Can A Federal Employee Be Fired After A Criminal Conviction?

Filed in News by on December 16, 2004 0 Comments

This federal employee was fired after being convicted and sentenced to prison. But the removal action was not quick or easy.

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