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Some CSRS Offset Employees Will Receive Extra Money (and Interest)

Filed in News by on July 16, 2015 Comments

Are you a CSRS offset retiree? If you are in this group of federal employees, a letter coming from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) may interest you as you may be in for at least a small, unexpected financial gain.

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What Happens to Your Benefits if You Die While Still Working?

Filed in News by on July 13, 2015 Comments

While the subject is one most of us would rather not ponder, it is helpful to know what will happen to your federal benefits should you die while still employed in your federal job.

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Federal Retirement Contributions and Pension Calculations: More Changes Coming?

Filed in News by on July 9, 2015 Comments

Will the federal retirement system be changed to require greater contributions from federal employees in the near future? Will the retirement computation change from a high three to high five? Here is a quick summary of pending issues federal employees should be watching.

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OPM’s Retirement Backlog Remains Mostly Flat in June

Filed in News by on July 6, 2015 Comments

The Office of Personnel Management has released the latest monthly figures on its retirement claims processing status. The latest data show that the backlog of outstanding clams was reduced only slightly in June.

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New Survey Shows The Top 3 Reasons Many Feds Are Not Retiring: How Would You Have Responded?

Filed in News by on June 30, 2015 Comments

According to recent statistics, many federal employees that can retire are not doing so. The author asks why this is the case and provides some reasons why he thinks this is happening.

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Bill Exempting Some Feds From TSP Withdrawal Penalty Becomes Law

Filed in News by on June 29, 2015 Comments

The Defending Public Safety Employees Retirement Act has been signed into law. What does this mean for federal employees and their Thrift Savings Plan investments?

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The FERS Special Retirement Supplement and Special Category Employees

Filed in News by on June 29, 2015 Comments

The Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) is a payment that is made by OPM and is designed to approximate the amount of an age 62 Social Security benefit that is due to civilian service under the FERS retirement system. How doest this apply to Special Category Employees?

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Will Federal Retirees Get a COLA Increase in 2016?

Filed in News by on June 18, 2015 Comments

How much will federal retirees and Social Security recipients receive with a new COLA calculation that will go into effect in January? As of today, there would not be any increase.

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