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How is Your Federal Retirement Income Taxed?

Filed in News by on March 22, 2009 Comments

How much money will you have to spend in retirement? In part, it depends on how much you will pay in taxes. Here is how the system works for federal retirees.

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As the Economy Crumbles: One Federal Retiree’s Feeble Attempts to Cope

Filed in News by on March 17, 2009 Comments

How are you coping in the current economic climate? Many federal retirees are having to “economize” in some form or other in order to maintain our standard of living. Here is the experience of one federal employee who took his money out of the Thrift Savings Plan and invested on his own.

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Tobacco and the Thrift Savings Plan: What Is the Link Between Them?

Filed in News by on March 13, 2009 Comments

What is the link between the “Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act”, and the Thrift Savings Plan? They are part of the same legislative package in the House of Representatives.

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A Bill to Save Money for Federal Retirees

Filed in News by on March 11, 2009 Comments

Active federal employees save about $820 a year because they are able to pay for health insurance out of pre-tax money. A bill introduced in the House would give the same benefit to federal civilian retirees as well as active duty military personnel and retirees.

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The `Federal and Military Retiree Health Care Equity Act’

Filed in News by on March 11, 2009 Comments

HR 1203 would federal civilian annuitants as well as active duty military personnel and retirees to pay their health insurance premiums with pre-tax compensation (also known as “premium conversion”).

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Have You Taken Your Minimum Required Distribution?

Filed in News by on March 8, 2009 Comments

If you have not already taken a minimum required distribution (MRD) from your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) or your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for 2008, you must take it by April 1, 2009.

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Federal Retirees and That 2010 COLA Increase

Filed in News by on February 24, 2009 Comments

How much of a cost of living adjustment will federal retirees see in 2010? Perhaps there will not be one. That has not happened before but we are in unusual economic times.

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$250 Tax Credit or Payment for Federal Retirees

Filed in News by on February 19, 2009 Comments

Now that the economic stimulus package has been passed into law, the bill has actually been printed and organizations and going through it to find out what this new law contains. Federal retirees will be eligible for an additional $250.

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