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The Retirement Paradox

Filed in News by on April 17, 2009 Comments

This former federal employee found that adjusting to retirement was a bigger adjustment than expected. She writes that a retiree goes through stages and most do not recognize the impact that leaving a lifetime career will have on your life.

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When Is Your Ideal Retirement Date in 2009?

Filed in News by on April 14, 2009 Comments

The ideal retirement date will vary according to an individual’s situation. But, for those readers contemplating retirement this year, here are considerations for maximizing your retirement.

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FERS, Sick Leave and Your Retirement: How Much Is This New Benefit Worth to You in Dollars and Cents?

Filed in News by on April 5, 2009 Comments

A bill is moving through Congress that would allow FERS employees to count unused sick leave in computing retirement benefits. Is it more beneficial to take the leave or to save it for using in computing retirement benefits? Here are a few considerations–if this bill does get passed by Congress.

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Disability Retirement and the Federal Employee

Filed in News by on April 3, 2009 Comments

For Federal and Postal employees, disability retirement benefits exist as part of their “employment package.” This is a benefit that can become very important. The process of obtaining disability retirement is not simple. Here are some basics about this employment benefit.

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Government Pension Offset, Windfall Elimination and Your Retirement Future

Filed in News by on March 31, 2009 Comments

The Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset can impact your retirement future. Several readers have asked about the potential for repeal of these provisions because of its impact on their retirement future. Here is an update.

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How is Your Federal Retirement Income Taxed?

Filed in News by on March 22, 2009 Comments

How much money will you have to spend in retirement? In part, it depends on how much you will pay in taxes. Here is how the system works for federal retirees.

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As the Economy Crumbles: One Federal Retiree’s Feeble Attempts to Cope

Filed in News by on March 17, 2009 Comments

How are you coping in the current economic climate? Many federal retirees are having to “economize” in some form or other in order to maintain our standard of living. Here is the experience of one federal employee who took his money out of the Thrift Savings Plan and invested on his own.

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Tobacco and the Thrift Savings Plan: What Is the Link Between Them?

Filed in News by on March 13, 2009 Comments

What is the link between the “Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act”, and the Thrift Savings Plan? They are part of the same legislative package in the House of Representatives.

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