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GAO: Ensuring Income Throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices

Filed in News by on July 1, 2011 Comments

GAO was asked to review strategies that experts recommend retirees employ to ensure income throughout retirement, choices retirees have made for managing their pension and financial assets for generating income, and policy options available to ensure income throughout retirement and their advantages and disadvantages.

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When Small Savings Add Up to a Lot of Money

Filed in News by on June 30, 2011 Comments

Sometimes a little adds up to a lot. I recently met a CSRS employee who did not to participate in the Thrift Savings Plan in 1987 when he was eligible to start. How much in potential savings did this employee pass up?

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FERS, Pension Contributions and Returning to Federal Service

Filed in News by on June 29, 2011 Comments

For most of the 25 years or so of the existence of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), if a FERS employee resigned and accepted a refund of his pension contributions, it was final and absolute. That is, if the employee returned to Federal service, and wanted to repay the refund, the answer was “no.” The time was lost forever. About two years ago, this changed.

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How Congressional Budget Cuts May Cut Into Your Retirement Income

Filed in News by on June 17, 2011 Comments

Congress is looking at several proposals that would cut into federal employee benefits. The author focuses on some specific ones that would directly impact your financial security in retirement.

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Financial Self-Defense: What to Know Before You Make a Decision Using a Financial Advisor

Filed in News by on June 17, 2011 Comments

Using a financial advisor can be a good decision. But, before you select an advisor and in your dealings with the person you have selected, here are a few tips you should know before making a financial decision that could impact your retirement and your financial security.

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The Earnings Test for Your FERS Annuity Supplement

Filed in News by on June 13, 2011 Comments

The only thing 100% clear about the FERS annuity supplement is that it ends at age 62.

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What’s Left of Your CSRS or FERS Pension?

Filed in News by on June 10, 2011 Comments

If you’re close to retirement, you’ve probably calculated your FERS or CSRS Pension. But did you remember to consider these important reductions in your retirement planning?

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Federal Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: The Applicant’s Statement of Disability

Filed in News by on June 7, 2011 Comments

In preparing a Federal Disability Retirement application, a change in a medical diagnosis may require an amendment to the application. In such instances, should a change be implemented?

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