GSA Creates Three Surveys To Improve Employee Relocation; Federal Lodging Program

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The General Services Administration’s Government Relocation Advisory Board (the Board) has created two surveys targeted at transferred employees and agency relocation managers and a third targeted at all federal workers who travel on government business.

The Board is requesting agencies to inform employees, relocated during FY04, of an on-line survey through which they can provide insight to help the Board understand whether their needs, expectations and level of satisfaction with relocation allowances authorized by the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) have been met.

Agency relocation managers are requested to complete a separate on-line survey to provide their insights to help the Board understand whether the agency needs, expectations and level of satisfaction with relocation allowance benefits authorized by the FTR have been met.

The Board is requesting all federal employees involved in a transfer in 2004, whether you are an employee that was relocated during FY04 or whether you are an agency manager that relocated employees during FY04, to fill out the survey and to “please let your colleagues know about these surveys as well.”

Each of the surveys should not take more than 15 minutes. Accordingly, it is requested that you disseminate the information throughout your agency, by whatever means at your disposal (e.g., agency intranet).

Following are the links to the agency and employee survey.

The Federal Agency survey is available here.

The Employee Evaluation of the Federal Relocation Program survey is available here.

GSA has announced a third survey as well, this one for all federal employees that have traveled on official government business at least twice during the past 12 months.

This survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, is designed to give direction for future adjustments to the federal lodging program, with the objective of providing high quality, efficient lodging services and convenient, cost-effective lodging experiences for federal employees.

The travel survey is available here.

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