What is Your Level of Political Interest?

Do you pay attention to national political issues? Do you vote? Have you watched any of the debates among the candidates for president? Take our latest survey and send in your opinion.

The presidential debates are underway, perhaps to the extent that many Americans are tuning out the candidates until the November 2008 elections are close enough so that a decision can be made when it matters most. Federal employees are obviously impacted by national elections as the political process has a major impact on your career, benefits, pay and agency programs.

But whether you view the campaigns as a form of entertainment, a diversion, an irritant or a way for some people to satisfy their inner need to see their name on television or in the newspaper, the final decisions about who will represent our interests in the large bureaucracy we call the federal government resides with the voters. As an example of how the political process is changing, you may want to check out this "Snowman" video used to pose a question to presidential candidates in a recent debate.

Do readers of the FedSmith.com site vote? Do you have a party affiliation? Areyou paying attention to the arguments of the candidates at this stage of the process or just tuning out the candidates for now?

Take this survey and tell us about your level of political interest. Did you vote in recent elections? Will you vote in 2008? Do you have a political affiliation? You are also welcome to send in your written comments.

We will publish the results next week with a representative sample of reader comments. We give preference in publishing comments to comments that include a title, agency and geographic location.