What Should All Retirees Know?

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I was planning to write an article with the catchy title "Ten Things All Prospective Retirees Must Know" when I realized that I really didn’t know if there were actually ten things, or if it was another number altogether. So I got out pen and paper and started listing.

It didn’t take me long to realize that "all prospective retirees" is an elusive demographic. We have many sub-groups, and they may need to know totally different things. For example, we have prospective:

  • CSRS retirees
  • CSRS Offset retirees
  • FERS retirees
  • Trans-FERS retirees
  • Special category retirees (which are a subgroup of the above four groups)

o Law-enforcement and firefighter
o Military technicians
o Air traffic controllers

  • Early retirees
  • Deferred retirees
  • Retirees who have withdrawn their contributions to the retirement fund and not paid them back
  • Retirees who owe a military deposit
  • Retirees who are also military retirees (regular or reserve)

I would like to do a list of everything anyone needs to know before they retire. The list could be published on FedSmith, and myself and others could provide links to already published articles and write articles on the areas that hadn’t been covered. We could keep the articles in the "Retirement Corner" of FedSmith. Please use the comments section of this article to tell me what you think all retirees should know.

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