Writing your Elected Officials: It's Easier than you Think

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The recent actions Congress has taken that could impact the TSP and its investors have stirred numerous comments from FedSmith readers. A number of readers have indicated they fully intend to write their representatives in Congress to share their opinions on the proposed legislations affecting the TSP (see Funding Tobacco Legislation by Changing the Thrift Savings Plan and Quietly Changing the TSP’s Investment Philosophy for more details on these proposed legislations).

If you are interested in contacting Congress about the TSP (or any other subject), we have made it easier for you to find your representatives and senators. You’ll now see a "Write to Congress" box on the right hand column of each of the articles (including this one) on the FedSmith.com Web site. Simply type your zip code into this box to be taken to the Congress.org Web site where you can contact your elected federal officials individually or all at one time using a simple form.  Information about contacting state officials is provided on the Congress.org site as well.  The site even offers a form to guide you with composing a message.

If you choose to contact your elected officials, be sure to

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