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60 Years of Federal Service–No Plans to Retire

What were you doing in 1948? Chances are, you were not even born yet but Norma Larry Was starting her federal career after taking the Postmaster test and earning the highest score. She has now been a Postmaster longer than anyone else in the nation.

As we welcomed in the New Year, Norma Larry was celebrating 60 years as the Cable, OH, Postmaster. She’s been a Postmaster longer than anyone else in the nation and says, "I wanted to reach this milestone, but now that I’m here I’m not interested in retiring."

The 81-year-old said she moved to the small village when she was 4 years old. "I loved going to the Post Office and visiting with the Postmaster, Florence Clay." Her parent’s grocery store was just across the street.

At 21, she took the Postmaster test and, earning the highest score, was sworn in December 31, 1948.

When the original Post Office burned down in 1955, Larry operated the Post Office in her parents’ dining room for eight months. "The mail came just the same," she said. She ended up moving a small house she owned to Main Street, and had it gutted and rebuilt into the Post Office. The Post Office has remained in this location ever since.

Another major change came a decade ago when two rural routes were moved from her office to the Urbana Post Office. "But I still serve the village Post Office Box customers," she said. "I enjoy working.

"I’m just not a stay-at-home type of person," she added.

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