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All in a Day’s Work

A letter carrier in Lansdowne, PA saved a co-worker’s house and her dog, a Jack Russell terrier trapped in a basement while the house next door was engulfed in flames.

Every day, rural and letter carriers deliver mail in every neighborhood across the nation. They are in constant contact with the public and, as a result, there are many times when these Postal Service employees are first to arrive at the scene of a crisis.

Postal employees around the country continually help the customers they serve — from rescuing lost children and checking on elderly customers every day, to helping at the scene of an automobile accident or entering a burning building.

"Our letter carriers are out there every day," said Lansdowne, PA, Postmaster Kim Floyd as she honored two of her employees for their acts of heroism.

While delivering mail, Letter Carrier Chad Roby saw smoke, investigated and called 911.

Roby was honored for helping to save his co-worker’s house — and her dog. Mufasa, a Jack Russell terrier, was trapped in the basement while the house next door was engulfed in flames.

"Ruth is on my route and I knew she had a dog," said Roby of Clerk Ruth Awkward. "I made sure emergency personnel knew the dog was in the house."

Awkward said Mufasa was rescued by Yeadon firefighters from her smoke-filled basement. "I am so grateful to Chad."
Also honored was Letter Carrier Joe Desiderio who averted disaster when he smelled gas pouring out of two vacant houses.

"I ran up to the police department and told the officer," said Desiderio. "The houses could have exploded. They were full of gas."

Copper thieves had apparently cut the gas lines and stolen a hot water heater from the basement, exposing the gas main.

"We have an office full of heroes," said Floyd. "We’re all part of the community we serve."

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