Questions and Answers on the Federal Labor Relations Program

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On Monday, March 2, 2009, we are offering a chance for our readers to participate in a chat session with labor relations expert Bob Gilson. The chat session will begin at 11 AM (Eastern Time) and will last for approximately 30 minutes. In order to participate, you will have to register for the FedSmith social network. Registration is free but the program will require your registration before you can enter the area.

To enter the chat room for this session, go to the very bottom of your browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). You will see the small arrows at the bottom in the chat bar. Just click on one of these two arrows and you will automatically enter the chat room.

Here is what the chat bar at the bottom of your browser will look like. You can click on either of the two arrows on the right side to enter the chat room. The one on the left opens the chat window in a separate window while the one on the right keeps the chat window anchored to your browser window.

Bob has authored numerous articles for FedSmith on a variety of labor relations issues and has more than 35 years of experience in working with the federal labor relations program. Here is Bob’s biographical information.

Here is the list of articles he has written for FedSmith.

Please feel free to ask questions of Bob during the session. It is unlikely that all questions can be answered during this time but we will try to provide answers to the questions with the most wide-ranging interest.

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