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The Million Mile Club

Driving a million miles without an at-fault accident is an accomplishment that few people achieve. The Postal Service inducted 1595 into the Million Mile Club last year.

What’s in a number?

 If you’re talking about safety, 1,595 is a great number. That’s how many postal employees were honored last year with induction into the Million Mile Club — up from 1,168 in 2007.

Professional drivers — in any business — are eligible to be recognized by the National Safety Council after driving 1 million miles, or 30 years, without an at-fault accident.

Perkasie, PA, Rural Carrier Craig Benner, for example, has traveled the country roads of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for the past 34 years.

Benner says he’s driven these challenging, and sometimes unforgiving, roads with the same promise, “to give my customers my best every day and return back home safely.”

It’s that promise, he says, that helped him achieve the honor of being inducted into the Million Mile Club. “I’m who my customers see and trust so it’s important to me that they know I’m being safe on their roads,” he said.

 “You get to know your customers, their tendencies, the roads and blind spots behind the fences and hedges,” Benner said. “But you still have to focus constantly on what’s going on around you.”

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