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Postage Stamp Increase Goes Into Effect May 11

The cost of mailing a First Class letter is going up on May 11. You can save money by buying Forever Stamps without buying more postage to mail a letter when prices go up.

As you’re probably aware, it’ll cost you 44 cents to send a letter beginning May 11. But if you want to save yourself 2 cents a stamp now’s the time to stock up on Forever Stamps which are good indefinitely for the First-Class Mail one-ounce letter price.
First sold in April 2007, Forever Stamps are designed to ease the transition during price changes so that customers won’t need to worry about buying additional postage to mail a letter when the cost of stamps changes.
This year customers can also purchase 44¢ stamps before May 11, as they become available. The Purple Heart stamp, Wedding Rings stamp and two-ounce Wedding Cake stamp are currently available. The Simpsons’ stamps will be available May 7, and Love: King and Queen of Hearts will be available May 8.
U.S. Flag stamp coils of 3,000 and 10,000 are now available and U.S. Flag stamp coils of 100 will be available May 8.
What do you get when you purchase postage?
The obvious answer is transportation and delivery of your letter or package to any address in the United States, its territories and military APO/FPO addresses around the world.
But there’s more; a lot more.
The Postal Service provides universal service — with no hidden surcharges — no matter where you live.  
First-Class Mail is forwarded for one year after a customer moves — which adds up to more than 2 billion pieces every year. First Class Mail is always returned to the sender if it can’t be delivered for any reason.
Letters are picked up from your mailbox free-of-charge and, when using Carrier Pickup, so are your Priority Mail and Express Mail packages. As long as you have one piece of Priority Mail or Express Mail, the carrier will pick up all your packages even if they’re being shipped Parcel Post or Medial Mail. Carrier Pickup is requested online at
Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes and packaging supplies are provided free at Post Offices or can be ordered online from There are several different sizes to fit all your shipping needs.
The Inspection Service protects your privacy, investigates mail fraud and is helping educate the public against fraud.
A postmark even documents that a legal brief has been filed by the deadline. Mail-in election mail programs are also in use in more than half the nation’s states.
And what you pay is all you pay. The Postal Services is funded completely by the revenue it makes from its sales and services. It doesn’t accept use any tax dollars for its operations.

Compared to other price increases we’ve all seen this past year — from the grocery store to the gas pump — you’re getting a lot for your 44 cents! 

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