12 drivers; 259 years of safe driving USPS and National Safety Council Recognizes Philadelphia Employees

May 28, 2009 7:50 AM , Updated July 8, 2019 1:18 PM
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To get the mail to and from Philadelphia Post Offices, vehicle services employees have to maneuver their trucks down Interstates, busy streets and narrow highways. Several times a day these men and women leave the mail processing plant, located near the airport, to transport mail to the offices they serves.

A dozen of these drivers were recognized for their professional driving skills by the Postal Service and the National Safety Council (NSC) recently. Honorees included motor vehicle operators who drive 9-ton and 11-ton trucks, and tractor-trailer operators.

Philadelphia Metro District Manager James Gallagher and Senior Plant Manager Daniel Muldoon attended the employee reception held at the Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center.

“I’m honored to take part in this ceremony,” Gallagher said as he thanked the drivers for their conscientious and safe performance. Muldoon echoed the sentiment saying, “I appreciate all you do for the Postal Service and our customers.”

Kenneth Prinz was inducted into the Million Mile Club Award for driving more than 30 years — or one million miles — without an at-fault accident. “What an honor,” Prinz said as he was presented the award by Transportation Networks Manager Andrea Robinson.

Bob Wingate, Robert Chestnut, William Lloyd, Steve Fluharty, James Hinton, Juan Gonzalez, Frank DeAngelis, James Hagan, Timothy Decker, John Graham and Jerry Whichard received the NSC’s Expert Driver Certificate for driving more than 15 years without a preventable accident.

“The number of years driven without an accident among this group of professional drivers ranges from 16 to 32 years,” said Plant Safety Specialist James Whitehead.

“It was truly a privilege to present these awards,” said Robinson. “This was a great day for Transportation Operations in Philadelphia.”

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