The Power of Grace

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Grace Vozel serves as a retail associate and distribution clerk at the Pittsburgh Millvale Branch. She also serves as an inspiration to her co-workers according to her supervisor, Rochelle Mckibben.

“After Grace read an article in a postal publication about other Post Offices and the community service projects they’re involved in, she wanted to put Millvale employees on the map for doing something that’s dear to her heart — the military,” said Mckibben.

The youngest of 10 children, Vozel was raised in Millvale. “Other than her absolute devotion to her family, she is fiercely patriotic,” said Mckibben. “She served 12 years in the Army Reserves.”

“Every pay day employees donate items or money for postage and I fill APO/FPO Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes with the donated items,” said Vozel. “We’ve sent packages every pay day since Christmas.”

A bulletin board at the Pittsburgh Millvale Branch allows every employee to read the correspondence from local troops serving in the Middle East.












To date Millvale employees have supported 16 service men and women with ties to the community.


Grace Vozel serves Pittsburgh Millvale Branch as both a distribution clerk and retail associate.







“Grace never wants to take credit for anything, but without her insight into what our troops need from home, we wouldn’t have started this project,” said Mckibben.

There are 20 employees working at the Millvale Branch.


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