Let's Write/Right America

June 5, 2009 8:28 AM
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More than 350 Assumption Regional Catholic School students listened as Absecon, NJ, Letter Carrier Joe Bancheri spoke of the Postal Service’s long history and the importance of corresponding with friends and family members with letters.

"In this day and age of texting and e-mail, we’re losing the art of letter writing," he said. "These electronic messages can be erased in a second, but the messages we convey in letters can live on forever."

Absecon, NJ, Letter Carrier Joe Bancheri congratulates two stamp design winners at Assumption Regional Catholic School in Galloway, NJ, during the kick-off of Let’s Write/Right America program.

Bancheri was speaking to students about a letter writing initiative he came up with — Let’s Write/Right America. He wanted to engage elementary students in letter correspondence. He enlisted the help of Postmaster Steve Wolicki, National Associate of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 903 and his fellow letter carriers to help make his idea a reality.

"If we teach our kids to write letters to friends and family there is a possibility that their communication skills will improve as well as their reading skills," said Bancheri. "It’s our hope for this to become a national program with help from the NALC."

The first step was a stamp design contest. Next the students will begin learning about the joys of written correspondence.

For more information e-mail Wolicki.


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