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Central Pennsylvania Employees Deliver More Than the Mail

Letter carriers are often the first people to notice a problem with customers on their route. Here are a few examples.

The Postal Service is divided into areas and within these areas are districts. This framework is an administrative, processing and transportation grid designed to streamline postal operations and maximize resources.
Every year, in the Central Pennsylvania District, employees performing heroic acts or good deeds are invited to a luncheon in their honor.
"Heroes Forever" was the theme of this year’s luncheons held in Scranton and Harrisburg. Each honored employee received a plaque featuring the Forever stamp.
These acts of kindness show just how involved postal employees are in the everyday lives of their customers. In New Philadelphia, for example, Postmaster Jim Briel and Letter Carrier Jeffrey Miller suspected something was a miss when a customer didn’t show up for her daily stamp order and hadn’t taken in her mail. After notifying police, it was discovered the woman had suffered a fall.
Wellsboro Letter Carrier Wayne Doty and Shenandoah Letter Carrier James McAndrew notified emergency personnel when their customers hadn’t taken in their mail. In both cases the customers had suffered a fall and needed medical attention.
When Wilkes-Barre Letter Carrier Daniel McCloe checked on one of his customers, he found the 83-year old customer lying on the floor unconscious and summoned help.
Scranton Letter Carrier Camber Williams’ customer suffered a fall and was lying on the floor for two days. Williams called 911 and stayed with the customer until help arrived.
First on the scene
In many instances, employees are first on the scene after someone is injured. Pittston Letter Carrier Renee Jablonski helped a customer who had been lying in her driveway for nearly an hour after falling on ice.
Brodheadsville Retail Specialists Chris Baldwin and Paul Moschella helped a senior citizen who fell while cleaning snow from her porch.
Wilkes-Barre Letter Carrier Robert Mozeleski was able to help an 80-year old man after he fell near his garage and Waynesboro Letter Carrier Robert Crawford assisted a senior citizen who fell while walking on an icy sidewalk.
When Palmerton Letter Carrier Lori Zehner heard cries for help, she discovered her customer lying on the floor. Zehner called for help and the woman received treatment for her injuries.
Shillington Letter Carriers David Guiles and Ben McCormick were two of the honorees at the recent Central Pennsylvania Hero Employee Recognition Luncheon.
Harrisburg Swatara Branch Letter Carrier Al Pupo answered a cry for help from a woman who suffered a fall and Shillington Letter Carrier David Guiles helped a senior citizen who fell down a flight of stairs.
Mount Carmel Letter Carrier Mark Zosh assisted a customer who fell while walking on an icy sidewalk. The man was unconscious when Zosh found him. Zosh provided first aid and called an ambulance for help. The man was in need of immediate surgery. He fully recovered.
Often, carriers are also the first to spot other emergency situations.
When Plymouth Letter Carrier James Pechulis’ saw smoke and flames billowing from a home on his route, he was able to get the customer out of the home safely with the help of a neighbor. Manchester Letter Carrier Joseph Griffith saw smoke coming from an apartment door while delivering mail. He notified the apartment manager. Together they discovered a cooking pot left boiling on the stove with no one home. His actions prevented a fire.
Bethlehem Letter Carrier Kenneth Meehan noticed a strong gas smell. He notified the customer and told her to call the gas company. A company technician found a small leak which prevented what might have been a life threatening situation.
Newville Letter Carrier Jennifer Choate noticed water leaking from a vacant home. She reported the leak, and the water was turned off, preventing further damage to the vacant home.
When Shillington Letter Carrier Ben McCormick noticed smoke coming from the dashboard of his delivery vehicle, he was able to get all of the mail out of the vehicle before the fire department arrived. None of the mail was damaged by the vehicle fire.
Community concern
Tunkhannock Rural Carrier Donald Traver makes it a point to get to know his customers. He takes a special interest in all of them, especially those in need. Last year, he found out one of his customers didn’t have enough food to eat and was in need of medical attention. Traver arranged to have Meals on Wheels deliver food every day and set up regular special care visits through the Visiting Nurse Association.
Scranton Mail Processing Facility Maintenance Employee Kevin Young organizes a pet supply drive for the Humane Society of Lackawanna County every year. In 2009, thousands of pounds of pet supplies were collected because of his efforts.
Carbondale Rural Carrier Michael Scombordi helped a lost child get home safely.
Allentown Letter Carrier Tessa Masiado, while delivering an Express Mail near the site of a home explosion, saw children and adults running from a neighboring daycare center as debris flew through the air. Masiado assisted at the scene by helping to place children in evacuation vehicles.

Every day, everywhere, postal employees are helping — delivering the mail, and much more. 

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