Lost and Found – USPS Delivers for Indiana Customer

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Indiana resident Holly Bennett-Wilhelm says she thought she was losing her mind when $3,700 in cash she had withdrawn from the bank was nowhere to be found. "I retraced my steps, and the last time I remembered having the money was when I left work to drop off company mail at the Sellersburg Post Office."
Afraid she deposited it — along with the mail — in a collection box, she contacted the USPS Consumer Affairs Office in Louisville to report the missing money. At about the same time, the Registered Mail department at the Louisville mail processing plant contacted Consumer Affairs to report an employee had turned in the same amount of cash the night before.
Consumer Affairs clerk Connie Dulworth had the honor of sharing the good news with Bennett-Wilhelm. "After I told her we had her money, I told her we’d need the serial number on the bills in order to return it," Dulworth said laughing.
After returning the money to Holly Bennett-Willhelm, Consumer Affairs Manager Thomas Long escorted her to her car to make sure she got on her way safely. Photo by David Walton
"It happens occasionally. Customers drop bank envelopes filled with cash into collection boxes or mail slots by mistake," Dulworth said. "The largest amount of cash we’ve reunited with a customer is $12,000."
Bennett-Wilhelm, who plans to use the money to put towards a car for her 16-year-old stepson, said she is so relieved the money was found. "The Postal Service made my day. I thought that money was long gone.
"I should have known the Postal Service would find it for me," she added. "They sure came through for me!"


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